The Middle East is considered as colorful universe when it comes to clothes and attires to both men and women. It is considered as complex reality where both local traditions and modern western fashion mix.

While the latter has influenced Arab countries, it is still possible to spot some of pure traditional style based garments there. Basically Arab ladies wear abaya and black abaya with flares which remain loose is traditional women dress which is compulsory for ladies to wear specially in Saudi Arab.

An abaya is considered as long usually dark colored cloth, which is worn out by Muslim ladies. The abayas can also be beaded and decorated with embroider techniques.

Modern style abayas cans also be finding in variety of shades. Men also wear long dresses made up of cotton material on traditional occasion. Muslim women more often carry abaya and for that reason, abaya is considered as more prominent Islamic wear for ladies.

Muslim women carry abayas with hijab and even naqab. In naqab, they just leave a little strip around the eyes so that they can see through naqab. It is merely worn out by ladies while having first sign of puberty. The abayas can also be beaded and decorated with embroider techniques.

While talking so much about abaya, let us show you our new divine collection of abaya with statement necklaces. Who says that you can’t go with jewelry or current fashion trends if you are carrying abaya? just take a look for more fashion information.

Visual aids:
Modern abaya style with statement necklace:

Cool mauve abaya with statement necklace:

Gray color abaya with silver statement necklace:

Modern beige silk abaya with statement necklace:

Fuca pink abaya with statement necklace:

Jeweled neck modern coral pink abaya for girls:

White abaya with black statement necklace:

Silver necklace with green abaya:

Modern style light color abaya with gold necklace: