Hijab & abaya is beneficial dress code of Muslim women

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Are you a Muslim lady & cover up your outer look from abaya & hijab then you are really appreciating & lovable female that happily follows the rules of Islamic religion? Islam is complete code of life which guides all human beings to spend a successful life according the teachings of Quran. The Holy Quran is last nook of Allah Almighty that revealed on Holy Prophet (SAW) to tell the right path of Muslims. Each & every matter which belong the human life is cleared in Quran where visibly orders the Muslim women to cover their bodies in the presence of adult men those can marry with them and on public places or whenever they go out from residences.
When Allah ordered to his beloved Prophet that “Said, Muslim women to cover their bodies” when this message heard by Muslim noble ladies then they immediately stitch huge chador to obey this order & next morning all & sundry emerge with fully covered their body from big chadors. In the ancient Arab epoch, Muslim ladies started to cover their bodies from long & wide fabric which called “chador” and gradually this well-known as a Muslim dress code in others nations those introduced this an innovative vogue like abaya to hide body that is designed in a robe loose fitting cloak style that merely covers your neck to toe body. Head cover is separate from abaya that comes in varied silhouettes like staler, triangle scarf, rounded bottom hijab and some more.
Now a day, Hijab & abaya is mounting developed dress up for ladies that doesn’t tired by only Muslim girls rather than Western females also enjoy this stunning comfy Muslim outer dress. According the current rate, 60% females in the world are wearing abaya & hijab but unluckily some modish women carry it, to follow the hottest craze. Below, I am going to articulate great benefits of abaya &hijab those will encourage the abaya women & motivate the women, those still unknown from the great significance to wear abaya & hijab. Take a look!
    Abaya is the sign of Muslim women’ humble that shows their amenably to obey the order of Islam.
    Abaya is ankle length loose-fitted robe that hides the sexy curves of women bodies & doesn’t catch the attention of men.
    Abaya is a message of Muslim women’ modesty & shyness that’s reason women in abaya considered respectable in the sight of others on public places those also tells their religion code.
    According the Scientist search, women those wear abaya with hijab they are save from dangerous disease of cancer because abaya protects them from ruinous sun rays.
    In fashion era, abaya doesn’t define your body shape & outer garment so you can confidently attend social conferences.
    When you wear abaya with hijab then it is complete dress up to identify your faith but never use it as a trend to modify outer charming expression rather than its only intends to cover the body.
    Wear standard length head cover to terrifically cover head, neckline & chest area and never beautify the eyes for attraction.
    It is perfectly right that when you go out with abaya, you experience of bold & courageous feelings those obtain by this Islamic attire.