Traditional black Saudi garments for ladies

Here, is a long discussion that what women in Saudi must wear black abaya when they are come at public places. In the reply of this great issue, I reached an exact point that black is traditional Saudi color of abaya that hides the female forms and stitched in robe vogue that is extra-size long and loose fitting.

Abaya craze introduced initially by Saudi women and now almost in the entire world, all Muslin ladies wear black abaya as an Islamic dress that is symbol of women’ modesty and privacy. Saudi abaya’ styles and material is finest and gorgeous that fulfill the correct meaning of abaya that’ reason abaya’ lover ladies always prefer Saudi abaya and like to wear Saudi abaya.

Here, an extensive range of black newest modest Saudi abaya is included that has extraordinary grace and charm. Some black abayas has colorful endearing embroidery that specially designed for modish females. Let briefly chat in this article about gorgeous and superlative Saudi abaya assortment.

Black long gown with identical scarves

1 saudi women in black traditional abaya

In this above image, see Saudi women that wearer robe style abaya like outer garments that made with plain black material and stitched in loose fitted clothes. Two ladies tired gleaming lace adorned abaya that subtly decorated with cuffs.

Animal printed extensions with black abaya

2 Traditional Arab abaya for Women

This is awesome graceful and endearing black abaya that designed with classy black fabric and adorned with animal printed glossy golden extension. Matching staler furnishes entire charming impressive look.

Colorful embroidered Saudi abaya

3 Traditional Saudi abayas for women

Now, Saudi abaya are also designed with chic and trendy colorful stunning embroidery. Look at this picture where I pasted a great image of Saudi classy abayas. Multihued thread work, contrasted tints embroidery and identical tint work is done for elegant and charming grace.

Strips same hue embroidery abaya for ladies

4 saudi traditional abaya for women

Black abaya accomplishes the accurate meaning to wear abaya. This black long, loose fitting abaya stitched in cloak vogue that decked with identical tint strips work and looks extremely chic and fabulous.

Here, you are seeing superb and graceful Saudi abaya those are stunningly designed with modern and current vogue. If you want to search furthermore delicious and delightful Saudi abaya then you should visit our gallery of images. Hope, you will like and appreciate this terrific collected work.