Abaya is carried for hiding the body of us  from the unknown males because it is our duty to cover our  feminine part  for the Muslim easiness the burqa ,chaddar ,abaya ,Hijab and the scarf’s are introduced but now it is carried by all over the world not only Muslim rather all the culture ladies carry it as a fashion.

Abaya is not carried  for the body hiding now abaya become a trend all the Muslims and the western designers are making  abayas in different styles .in the previous ages the abaya style remain same but now  it is changing according the season the winter style summer style and much more styles are introduced by the designer .

Pakistani well known designer junaid  jamshaid has introduced his collection of abaya which are very exclusive and trendy  he knows the fashion of the girls and want  to  create an ancient touch in the trendy look of abayas for the girls he want to give them new and gorgeous look in the dresses and the abayas both.

The ladies of Muslim countries like Dubai, saudia and the  Canada like to wear abaya  it is carried mostly in the rural  areas here I have winter collection of abaya  which is very fabulous and decent in the black color.

Collection of abaya:

Black color abaya is very beautiful the lining stuff is used on the upper part of abaya with the black the straps are on the lining of it and under the abaya grey lining stuff is used which is making your abaya beautiful  the loose sleeves with the lining patch and the black dupatta with the lining patch is looking gorgeous it is best for the young girls. All the abayas are very simple and cozy in the winter it will give you a cozy and comfy look the working ladies who want to change their abaya then they can select the black abaya with golden  thread embroidery in the paisley style on the abaya and the chiffon dupatta with same embroidery.

Double shaded abaya is new style like the shirts of the girls  the front style is simple in black  open style  and back is  in skin and black style  you can carry it in the  winter season with any color scarf’s. Robe style abaya in the grey and the black  dotted grey  with the lace floral  abaya and the dupatta with the floral patch is looking gorgeous you school college girls easily carried it  in the winter.

If you want to give the abayas to the brides then it should be something fancy and attractive then you can go with the  full flare kaftan style  abaya the  sleeves and the neckline is fully embellished with the beads and the  stones. Thread embroided abaya is very decent thread embroidery is on the both sides of the abaya bell bottom sleeves with the simple dupatta it can be given to the brides.

Kaftan style rob style and the butterfly all abayas are designed by the junaid you can see the al abayas are in new and decent styles.  Golden embroidery printed fabrics and the colorful fabrics with the embroidery stones and the  beads are used on the abaya all the abayas are very gorgeous you can carry it in the winter season with the color full scarf’s and  Hijab but the  matching staler are also good to carry it.

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