Well abaya dress has its historical significance because of the religious point of view but when this attire has entered into the fashion world it has contained more familiarity among girls. Now it’s not only pair for casual wearing by Muslimah but also designed for wedding functions that Muslim girls can carry. Mostly the dominating color scheme in abaya was black in past that is still today but now various color codes has implemented to this very wearing. Dubai, Arabic, Turkish, Pakistani, Moroccan and Saudi abayas are most famous styles that are worn by girls. Well white color has its importance and considered a sign of purity, pious and sacred. For weddings this color is now in trend and fancy abayas are designed for girls to carry in wedding functions so that with Hijab they can get formal look.
Abayas were not considered the wearing for weddings but in Arab countries brides and single girls pair this one to have more sophistication and elegance in which of them white color contains more focus by girls. it means if you want to have modest dressing with magnificence then start layering white fancy embroidered abayas that are best to have decent appearance. You may style different color Hijab with this fancy abaya but make sure about your embroidery cuts and colors then decide what is best way to have printed or plain Hijab.
Nowadays not only the abaya styles are being invented by designers but also a big range of Hijab styles that you may carry differently in various wedding functions. Well there is a lot of talk about abaya but I would like to unbind my fantastic collection of white embroidered formal abaya collection.

Embedded white abaya:

1 full fancy white abaya for wedding

The beaded abayas are in white color and designed with multi color beads in different style while the plain and cell print stuff has been used to make upper bodice flair so that it may fulfill the need for any occasion like wedding function. Girls have worn white color Hijab but it’s up to you whether you consider white or colorful Hijab good for your face.

Embroidered white caftan abayas:

2 full fancy white abaya for wedding

These evening abayas in caftan style has designed by using golden color motifs on neckline and on sleeves to make the aura beautiful and gorgeous. It’s up to you if you want to make yourself glamorous or modest with pairing Hijab. Golden skin Hijab will go best with this evening caftan wear. Take golden embedded clutch in hand for extra ordinary lure.

Moroccan caftan abaya in white:

3 full fancy white abaya for wedding

Moroccan abayas are popular because of their traditional style stitching and use of embroidery patterns on neckline and waistline. Gray and copper embroideries are used in two style caftan abayas in picture but if you do not desire of having embroidery then patches are another option that is easily available in markets.

Turkish white embroidered abaya for wedding:

4 full fancy white abaya for wedding

Turkish abayas are more attractive due to having modern hues of stitching and styling but when it comes to attend any wedding function a bit of embroidery must spread over your sophisticate Turkish white abaya dress. Take the same color Hijab that embroidery has been done, for example in picture sky blue and purple embroidery is spruced over abaya so girls have taken same color Hijab to have matching.

Silver and black embroidered abayas:

5 full fancy white abaya for wedding

For wedding ceremonies mostly caftan style abayas are preferred by young girls so once again the silver and black embroidery on neckline has been done on white caftan abaya. You can see the both embroidery colors are enchanting the white abaya. Sleeves are also embroidered with same textured pattern.

Fully embroidered fancy white abaya:

6 full fancy white abaya for wedding

For your sister wedding you don’t want to go with simple dressing so you can have these fully embroidered fancy white caftan style abayas for any function. With this glittery fabric Hijab and high heel shoes would work best and bring the glam of makeup beauty to your face to amaze your appearance.