Beautiful lace hijab and abaya collection for women by dolace and gabbana

Hijab and abaya are considered as basic Muslim women wearing which is utilized to cover head and rest of other body. Basically hijab is worn out with abaya and can be carried solely as well. hijab is used to cover hairs and head from the sight of men and abaya is considered as outer dress that is utilized to cover out whole body from neck to foot of the women. hijab and abaya are mostly worn out together to give out pure Muslim look for Muslim ladies.

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of remarkable and highly standardizes fashion collection of hijab and abaya for Muslim women designed and displayed by foremost international fashion brands named as dolce and gabbana. Just take a look.

Printed designer hijab and abaya designs for ladies:

Scope of wearing hijab and abaya ate elaborating day by day even international fashion brands are working on it to display out unique and amazing designing as well. We are going to display out D&G HIJAB AND ABAYA COLLECTION.

White and black lace hijab and abaya:


Heavy lace and printed hijab and abaya:



Open shirt style hijab and abaya: