Abaya is a religion obligation for Muslim women. Islam emphasizes ladies to cover their bodies while going outside of the house. Women feel comfort and relax wearing abaya because it protects them from unwanted gazes of unknown males.

Abaya is coming from centuries and in start it was designed in just black color and button down style. With the passage of time and grown fashion trend it is varied into modern forms. In this modern world,

stylish girls want a stylish look even in abaya dress so to keep this thing in mind fashion designers start designing fantastic abayas. Talking about abaya trend we have accumulated a collection of beautiful abaya dresses for stylish girls.

Button down pleated abaya:

Not only in black but you can see abayas in different colors and different styles. This red color abaya is designed to keep the old trend in mind but it is varied with pleated style. Fabricated belt is increasing the grace of this button down pleated abaya. This abaya will help college girls to make a style statement and they can carry this red abaya with any contrasted color hijab.

Sweater abaya:

The ongoing season is winter season and everyone looks for cozy clothes to stay warm during the cold weather. This sweater abaya will work best for winter season and this is totally unique and new thing. This turtle neck knitted sweater abaya not only will protect a woman from cold but also give outstanding look. A woman can wear this sweater abaya while going out for grocery shopping with cozy scarf or Hijab.

Double layer abaya:

In this fashion world some girls still want black abaya maintain their stylish look. College going girls can consider wearing this double layer black and grey abaya for their college. This black and grey double layer abaya with matching scarf will surely help them t make a style statement look.