Apart from the history of abaya we don’t find the textures and styles as they seem in today due to the diversity not only all over the globe but especially in fashion sphere. Till the designers get inspired to experience new things to settle the trends for new generation, our lives affect due to this change. Abaya dresses has great history even if it is connected to religious point of view when the ladies were not supposed to expose of their body and asked to wrap all with a loose garment and this garment was abaya that is still worn in all over the world. The case has changed just with the influence of trends but there are certain regions in which their traditional style wearing is called abaya and that is Moroccan abaya style which has a twist for all the young ladies in every corner of world. However the abaya clothing is such a wearing that has not fittings but in Moroccan style abayas belted or embroidered at waist is specified.
For young girls the Moroccan style abayas are not only tremendous to wear it on daily basis but their traditional style cuts and the embellishments used over it provide you the opportunity to be dazzled in the formal parties too. Well mostly the Moroccan style abaya has flares just like a caftan dress that is why ladies wear it also as formal clothing. Let’s take a start from the very first image of Moroccan abaya which we are presenting for the fashion ladies.

White and black Moroccan abaya:

1. Abaya Style with a Moroccan twist

Over layering or white wearing that has been belted at waist has all the embellishments and details that a Moroccan abayas contain. Moreover the golden embroidery patch on shoulder has presented the fancy look for young girls to wear on different events. Make this caftan style Moroccan abaya a fashion statement for you to rock the persona.

Mermaid abaya for brides:

2. Abaya Style with a Moroccan twist (1)

So, the newlywed brides may get ready to make style statement with after wedding glamorous looks. The mermaid style has made the dress more than a casual abaya so I have suggested this to brides who can wear this beautiful abaya wearing on post wedding functions.

Paisley design abaya for young girls:

3. Abaya Style with a Moroccan twist (2)

Maroon and beige Moroccan abaya has great allure with trendy impressions especially for young girls to wear for university or to dazzle while going out to visit with friends. But don’t forget to wrap the classy Hijab to be the true hijabian of this age.

Blue caftan style Moroccan abaya:

4. Abaya Style with a Moroccan twist (3)

This vibrant blue color is chic to wear for spring days, so always choose the color pallets according to season demands to look perfect. The loose abaya with caftan style and the Moroccan touch is making the style incredible. The stuff is sheer so the fabric of Hijab must be sheer one.

Fashion girl’s abaya style:

5. Abaya Style with a Moroccan twist (4)

I just like the cuts and style of over layering of Moroccan style abayas as you can see in the picture a girl has draped it perfectly with pairing the black Hijab but apart from the clothing, the accessorizing of abaya is exquisite. Wear the long heels if you are used to handle these otherwise kitten heels or flat shoes are right.

White chiffon Moroccan abaya:

6. Abaya Style with a Moroccan twist (5)

The appealing thing about Moroccan abayas is the fascination and glam that make the females amazing with the ultimate trendy looks. White chiffon abaya is for long height ladies with the cardigan type long clothing and brown lace or patch work is becoming more prominent on pure white shade.

Fancy glam of Moroccan abaya gown:

7. Abaya Style with a Moroccan twist (6)

Moroccan gown style abayas are liked all over the world because it has glitz for the fashion or modern ladies, so this is your need and on the other hand the wearing style also give you elegancy to be formal and beautiful on many occasions.