About abaya and its wearing characteristics:

Abaya is considered as long dress which is worn out by Muslim ladies to cover out their bodies. Abaya is worn out to cover body from shoulder to foot. Abaya can be taken up with hijab and naqab. There are numerous of designs and styles in abaya but traditional abaya is estimated to be in black color. Here are some of benefits that why should we girls wear abaya every day.

1) Black is slimming: no need to suck your tummy in slim fit tops and worry about your love handles to showing over your jeans. The abaya will give streamline appearance no matter what your size is.
2) You can easily wear out your PJs down to street without knowing to anyone.
3) You will never have to wear that what you will wear next day. Long black abaya will take you anywhere. Just grab a scarf and abaya and you are ready to go out while looking stunning.
4) Less risk of skin cancer: as skin is covered in abaya so harmful rays of sun will not affect out your body and thus safe you from skin cancer.

About post:

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of brand new collection of abaya designs for ladies who wear abaya constantly. We have drafted vivid and vibrant range of abaya based upon soft and soothing fabric material which will provide extra comfort to ladies.

Each and every abaya is embellished with colorful yet light feathered embroidery techniques in different portions of whole gown. Just take a look at our collection for more detail and satisfaction as well.

Visual aids:
vivid Color abaya for girls:

Green embroidered chiffon abaya design:

Red different style abaya:

Blue kaftan style abaya :

Pink abaya with gold lace:

Royal blue embroidered abaya :

Red kaftan style abaya for girls:

Beautiful blue gown style abaya:

Purple embroidered abaya :

Orange abaya with silk scarf: