Beautiful 2016 Collection of Sarees for Women:

Are you invited on a party at your friend’s home on the upcoming Sunday?  If yes then of course you may be thinking about what you should wear on this party? If you are living in any of the eastern countries such as in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or you belong from eastern community but lives in west then don’t worry because I think saree is one of the best options for making a style statement on the party. No matter whether you are invited on a wedding party, birthday or anniversary party, festival party or engagement part, I think saree can be go best on almost every type of party. Now the next question is what style of saree you should choose & how you can stitch your saree? Well, don’t worry here I would like to share some basic ideas about saree. So that you can get complete info about this attire & then you can buy a right saree or if you like then you design your special saree for party wear at home.

•    First of all, think about those types of fabrics that you can use into the manufacturing of saree. I think a saree that is made with Silk, Net, Crepe, Banarsi, Chiffon or Georgette stuff looks nicer. So, these are appropriate fabrics for saree.
•    The blouse of the saree is usually available in unstitched form. So, you can stitch it by following different neckline ideas such as round, square, sweetheart, backless neckline, bateau or illusion neckline.
•    When it comes to sleeves of saree then you can try any style but mostly the sleeveless blouse looks more glamorous & gives a hot look to the lady. You can also try half sleeve while full length sleeves give graceful look to a lady. When you make full length sleeves then you never use bangles or bracelets while with half sleeves or sleeveless saree allows you to wear jewelry in your wrist if you like to wear.
•    Here is a variety of sarees for you. Take a look & get more ideas!

Evening Party Wear Saree Ideas for Women:

1 evening party wear saree for women

When the party will be going to held at evening time then I think ladies should go with some bright shades such as black saree, red, navy blue & coral peach, hot pink & plum colors. The sarees with golden embellishment & embroideries are best for evening time parties. Think about a colorful banarsi stuff saree or about a hot black embroidered saree. If you want to enhance the beauty of your saree then pay attention towards make up. Keep one rule into the mind at night function is best for you to apply dark lipstick but keep eyes makeup light & if you done eyes makeup very dark then keep your lipstick very light. With heavily embellished saree always use less jewelry & with less embellished saree you can use earring & bracelet or necklace & rings. Use minimal jewelry.

Daytime Party Wear Sarees in Pastel Tones:

2 saree for party wear

For daytime parties it is suggested to the lady to choose very lightest shades such as pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel green, pastel turquoise, pastel peach& so on. In day time always get a no makeup look with minimal make up. When you wear saree either day time or nights then mostly the curling hairstyle or updo hairstyle ideas are considered best with it.

Net Stuff Saree Fashion

3 stunnig net saree for party wear

Net stuff saree are quite in fashion. So, you can choose then stuff if you like it. Net always adds a delicateness & femininity into a woman’s personality. You have to choose a saree by keeping the event into the mind. If the event is organized on a large scale & mostly ladies are expected in heavily embellished dresses then you can choose a saree that embellished beautifully with lace or embroidered very impressively. If you think that the party is organized or a small level & women are expected to come in simple attire then always choose a simple design of saree & avoid wearing heavy jewelry. But what of you are unaware from other ladies style of clothing? Then you have to choose everything in a moderate manner. Don’t overuse ornaments & don’t go very simple.

Printed Light Weight Saree for Formal Events:

4 stylish printed party wear saree

If you are one of those ladies who never like embroidered sarees then don’t worry because now day’s lots of extra stylish printed sarees are available. For parties you can choose some bold colors of funky print sarees such as stripped print saree, simple saree with checkered print blouse, large size flower print saree or polka dots print saree. Printed saree in neon color combination is a best one to rock into a night party while a pastel tone flower print saree is best choice for day time party.

Whether you are buying a ready to wear saree or you order to your tailor to stitch a saree, in both cases make sure you figure measurements are right because an ill stitched saree can ruin the impact of your personality into the party. So, be careful about right measurements.