Baby shower is a way to celebrate the expected birth of a child by presenting gifts to the mothers at a party and it is all about baby oriented decorations. Baby shower party can be throw any time after the conception and a party can be a welcome diversion as the months tick by. Besides, it makes it more real if the mum-to-be is touting a big belly.

To throw a baby shower party you should keep some necessary things in mind. First you should choose a theme to tie everything together and for fun and then choose the menu the selection of food and drink depend on the type of the party formal or casual and on the time of the day.

This kind of party doesn’t complete without fun or silly games and there are plenty of other kinds of activities to keep the guests entertained. Since a shower can be held at any time of the day, consider serving brunch. Make sure dishes are light, so guests save room for dessert.

Forgo a traditional cake for cupcakes embellished with intricate paper cuffs and colored frosting. This treat will be especially popular with any young children attending the shower with their moms. If you know you are expecting a little boy then you decorations must be green and blue because these two colors dominate the baby boy. Everything should be in green or blue color for boy baby shower like, balloons, cupcakes, serving plates, table covers etc.

The beautiful paper diamond garlands are perfect for the decorations of baby shower. Hang them on the stairs from the ceiling as streamers looking so beautiful.
Bright centre pieces in varied shades of gold make a bold statement.

It is a girl because pink dominate the color palette for girl baby shower. The pretty tissue paper pompoms in different red and pink colors are the perfect drop above the buffet table and hang from the ceiling to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a baby girl in baby shower.

Setout food in buffet style and serve the food in flat platters and trays but they certainly won’t display it. Keep the decor simple with clothes of baby in pink color if the baby is girl and blue for baby boy. With cake toppers of a bear and balloons will make the cake a beautiful centerpiece on the buffet table and candy bars elevate bulk candy by decanting it in handsome glass jars wearing ribbon.

To select a drink to serve at a shower for a baby girl, flavored with fresh mint and lime juice, this refreshing ice tea is well suited to accompany almost any type of food and there is no matter what you are drinking adding striped paper straws to simple glass bottles will ensure that your guests reach for another.
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