The winter season completely changes the living style with updating the wardrobes and house items. We have to keep ourselves save from the severe cold that is why warm clothing is must have for not only elders but the kids too. For toddler or new born babies, it becomes crucial to get them wrapped with cozy beddings and blankets but quilts are more chic that is why we have compiled here the collection of quilts in cool designing that can be favorite of all parents as well as the baby. These quilts are best to give as gift on baby shower that would be remind for a long period of time whenever the mommy will get wrapped her baby in.

If the mothers do want to buy these quilts even if they don’t know about the gender of baby because all these modern style quilts are unisex that can be taken for both baby boys and baby girls. When buying for such stylish quilts keep in mind what kind of patterns and hues you have given to the baby nursery or how you are styling the baby room with colors and pallets. Making sure about the renovation of baby room, pick up the designing and colors of quilt for baby that will be a good match for infant. Besides these facts, think about the quality of quilt because sometime with one wash the quality of fabric, color and design get fade. Don’t worry my collection has superb quality and fantastic designs, so let’s take a start to look.

Animals and bird inspired design quilts:

1+ animal print baby quilt ideas

Small babies are cute so their beddings and quilts must be prettiest too; pick up the animals and birds design quilts that will further add the wonderful effects. These two designs with using multiple colors are so much glorious, different kinds of animals is representing as the zoo on quilt while the yellow duck in pastel color hues is refreshing the baby yellow crib.

Fun pattern modern quilt design:

2+ baby quilt ideas

So, taking up the modern design is so much important for parents when buying the quilts for baby. This patchy design quilts are chic because of the fun pattern, just having the blocks and creation of different pattern scraps will look cool. These style quilts can be sewn at home because of their easy designing and crafting, so win the hearts of people by sewing such quilts and make your baby lush.

Cool design quilts for babies:

3+ butterfly baby quilt

Yayyy… here is the most charming quilts for babies with cool designs. The big cat with trendy sunglasses on quilt is going to entertain your gorgeous kid while on the other side snail; butterfly and caterpillar are all want to say your infant welcome in the cozy atmosphere of home during winter season. Own for these quilts and create the wonderful pallets in the baby room.

Multi colored designing quilts:

4+ colorful baby quilt ideas

The work on these two quilts is looking like art more than a splash of colors. Such kinda quilts can be taken for both baby boys and baby girls because of the ambiguity of design and style. The pregnant mommy can opt the quilts before delivery so that baby gets wrapped in these quilts quickly as he/she will become the focus of every camera of relatives.

Stripped and patches on quilts:

5+ owl baby quily ideas

The meaningful and stylish patterns on baby beddings look so exquisite; have a look on these quilts in image in which the stripes and block patches are creating meaningful style. Stripes with owl are great fun but use the color contrast and different pattern for every stripe on quilt. Similarly for block patchy quilt, opting for different prints like dots, intricate design, floral, and stripy are wonderful.