1 Smokey Eye

Eyes are very important part of our body. It plays very important role for the enhancement of your beauty. Adorable eyes make-up makes it more opulent and eye-fixing. In eye make ups, Smokey eye makeup is one of the best eye make up for enhance the look which prominent your eyes. You can make Smokey eyes with different colors shades and it looks phenomenal. You can make black Smokey eyes, brown eyeshades Smokey eyes, golden Smokey eyes, silver Smokey eyes. Here I am going to tell you that how you can apply step by steps Smokey eyeshades in a very easy way.

  • •    First apply a thin layer foundation across your lids. It is better to use primer or concealer. This will help the make-up stay longer and look vibrant.
  • •    Apply silver shimmer eyeshade at upper eye lid. Shimmery eyeshade will give you fancy look.
  • •    Apply stylishly Kajol at the upper eyelid edge. This is main part in making Smokey eyes. So apply it carefully.
  • •    Then lightly blend the silver eyeshades with Kajol. With the eyeshade brush you can do it.
  • •    Spread the shades at the corner of the eye lid and blend it with brush. This will enhance the outer look of your upper eye lid and make your eyes prominent.
  • •    Apply Kajol at the lower lash line beautifully. Here apply Kajol thickly for the enhancement of the eye look. With the brush make it neat.
  • •    Apply silver shimmer eyeshade at brow bone. For the shinny and complete look it is necessary.
  • •    Again apply more silvery shimmer eyeshade for final touch. Take care while blending. It must be not go in the eyes.
  • •    For the increment of this beautiful eye makeup, apply eye liner at the upper lash line neatly.
  • •    At the end apply mascara for give a bright and classy look.

It is hope that these steps will help you for making Smokey eye-make-up easily, love it!

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