How to Apply Eyeliner on Lower Eyelash Line:

Eyes are reflection of our soul, emotions & feelings. If you are sad from inside then eyes reflect your sadness very clearly & if you are happy then your eye look bright & full of shine naturally. Eyes can be made more beautiful & inspiring by using eye shadows, liner & mascara. Our beauty experts & make up experts are bringing lots of innovations into the world of fashion by introducing different ways of applying eye shades & eyeliner etc. Now day, girls like to apply eyeliner not only on the top lash line but also on the lower lash line, we know that it is quite easy to apply liner on the top lash line but it seems quite tough to apply it on the bottom lash line. But don’t worry because I am here for your assistance. Today, I am going to discuss about how you can apply eyeliner on the lower lash line perfectly & flawlessly. I am going to share very easy 10 steps I this regard. Hopefully, after reading these steps you will be able to apply eye liner perfectly.

1)    First of all you need to select an eye liner that you want to apply such as you can go with liquid eye liner or with pencil eye liner. For applying eye liner on the lower lash line I suggest you to go with pencil eyeliner because it is more suitable & easy to use. You can also choose the color of your own choice such as black, grey, golden, silver, blue, green etc.

1 pencil eye liner for eyes

2)    Now you need to apply eye primer first & then use eye shadows of your own choice that you want to apply. Blend eye shadow well.

2 simple eye linner for girls

3)    Keep in mind that eyeliner should be applied before the application of mascara.
3 Eye-Liner-and-Mascara

4)    Look into the mirror for accuracy.
4 amazing green linner

5)    Try to create a dotted line instead of straight line.

5 gliter shades eye linner

6)    Now join dots for the creation of perfect line & you can make the line thick if you want thick liner.
6 simple eye linner

7)    Don’t apply liner inside the tear duct of your lower lash line because natural eye water can make this corner black. So, avoid this corner of eye.
7 Don’t apply liner inside the tear duct

8)    Now use make up remover by dip a swab into makeup remover for the purpose of removing extra eyeliner that smudged around the eyes.
8 use make up remover

9)    Try to dust little powder below the lash line because it will help it order to stop creasing your lower eye lash liner when your skin starts to become oily.
9 dust little pwder below the lasjline

10)    Your eyeliner is done now.
10 blue-eye-liner