Food contribution skin and hairs:

Food is main contribution in the texture of our hairs and skin. Person who eats healthy diet has the elegance of shiny skin and healthy hairs while deficiency of food can easily observed from poor skin and ro8gh hairs. Some foods arte matchless to enhance the skin and hairs beauty for our readers here we are sharing these foods which are amazing both for hairs and skin. A feminine beauty consists upon both these things. Certainly you will have great interest in exploring the benefits of these food items which are excellent for hairs. Let’s talk about these awesome foods which are fantastic for having glowing skin and harming healthy hairs.

Fresh fruits and veggies:

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Fruits and veggies are matchless to enhance the beauty of skin and hairs. Use fresh fruits, juices and green veggies which are full of vitamins and natural nutrition. These will be excellent in attaining a smooth shiny skin and healthy charming hairs.


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Salon is treasure house of omega 3 fatty acids which is excellent to keep skin naturally moisturized. Is has selenium and minerals which save the skin from UV sunrays.  It has also for bones and teeth. Vitamin D is awesome for bones and sustains the expression of healthy glowing skin and amazing hairs.

Greek yogurt:


Greek yogurt is also of matchless food which is fantastic both for skin and hair. It is full of calcium, protein. It is matchless for hair’s beauty and hair grown. In mossy of hair’s beauty tips yogurt is played main role. Yogurt is also best for creating an expression of charming glowing skin.


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Green leafy vegetable spinach has vitamin A & c, iron, folate and beta carotene. These ingredients keep skin and scalp moisturized. Use spinach in your salad, pasta and other food as it is awesome both for your hairs and skin beauty.


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Egg is full of portion and iron. Egg is rich in biotin which is matchless for hair’s growth.egg is used in most of skin and hair’s beauty tips. Egg white and yellow both have different roles to  play to enhance the charming beauty of hairs and healthy skin texture.

Sweet potatoes:

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For rough and dry hairs that have lost their charm, sweet potatoes are great remedy. Sweet potatoes are full of beta carotene. Beta carotene is antioxidant which can protect fro dull and dry hairs. Sweet potatoes are amazingly awesome to repair hairs and to create charming skin beauty.


walnut and leaves

Walnut is amazing to have healthy long beautiful hairs and glowing skin, shinning eyes and strong bones. It has omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E which are superb in their infinite benefits. Use sufficient walnuts in our diet and enjoy its excellent benefits.

Dark chocolate:

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Dark chocolate is recommended by beauty experts as it is best to keep skin hydrate and save it from UV sunrays. It is also saves the skin from acne. A dark chocolate which has at least 60% coca is matchless for both glowing skin and healthy charming hairs.


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Use fresh salad in your diet. Green veggie salad and fruit salads which has excessive quantity of tomatoes are perfectly awesome for both skin beauty and healthy hairs. Salad is matchless I its constructive benefits which are excellent for both body’s inner and outer purposes.


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this small and fuzzy fruit is compact in its performance. It is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. It is keep skin firm, smooth and wrinkle free. It also supports teeth and bones. Kiwi is also protected you from most of major diseases.