Significance of eyeliner:

Eyes are reflection of heart and soul. They must be fresh and impressive. Charming eyes have matchless beauty which can’t compare with precious jewels or other superficialities. Eyes have their language also; certainly they convey expression better than words. To enhance the charming beauty of eyes liner is used since former times. Eye liner enhances the magnificence of eyes and makes it more meaningful and fascinating.

Different styles of eyeliner are popular among the ladies which are applied at different occasion. Her we are sharing different styles of eyeliner and their right application. These exclusive styles of eyeliner are tremendously fetching and excellent to enhance the grace of eyes beauty at different occasion.

Simple eyeliner:

1 10 steps how to apply eyeliner (10)

Simple eyeliner is tremendously easy in its practice without any extra effort apply a thin stylish line according to your eye’s shape and simple eyeliner will be at your beautiful eyes. It will plainly enhance the elegance of your eye’s beauty.

Basic eyeliner:

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For beginners it is essential to learn basic eyeliner first. This picture is exploring soft and sharp lines of basic eyeliner. Basic eyeliner is little bit thick and awesome for deep eyes.

Smooth eyeliner:

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Smooth eyeliner is also simple and impressive in its expression. A smooth and little bit thick line is applied at upper lid of eye to attain the magnificence of smooth eyeliner. For semi formal functions smooth eye liner is excellent selection.

Classic eyeliner:

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For attaining splendid grace of classic beauty, classic eyeliner is applied which crafty and little bit tricky in its expression. Classic eyeliner enhances the impressive vision of beautiful eyes.

Dramatic eyeliner:

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Dramatic look is also inspires the stylish ladies. For attaining exact dramatic look, dramatic eyeliner is awesome selection. Dramatic eyeliner has bold and thick application which ends in pointed tip just beneath the eyebrows.

Cat eyeliner:

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Cat eyeliner is old expression of challenging nature. Classy and little bit aggressive personalities like to enjoy its magnificence at special functions. Cat eyeliner s sensational too and has sizzling demonstrations.

Winged eyeliner:

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Winged eyeliner is tremendously popular among the stylish ladies who have deep eyes. Winged eye liner s awesome and demand exact application to explore its classy beauty. At the end of this liner style tricky wing in made to express the grace of stylish beauty.

Pin up eyeliner:

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Pin up eyeliners also highly magnificent and enormously liked by modish personalities. This line style has its inclination towards the end of eyebrow. This impressive eyeliner is fabulously excellent to enhance grace of eye’s beauty.

Double winged eyeliner:

9  10 steps how to apply eyeliner (6)

Double winged eyeliner is awesome for formal celebrations. For this amazing style liner is applied at both lids of eyes and their ends are made exclusively tricky. Winged shapes are made their ends which express the classy elegance of double winged eyeliner.

Egyptian eyeliner:

10 10 steps how to apply eyeliner

Egyptian eyeliner style is little bit complicated and trickier than other styles. Arabian ladies like to apply this fetching style eyeliner. This style is fabulously awesome. from regular practice you can attain authenticity in application of Egyptian eye liner.