How to Apply Foundation Flawlessly?

As we are aware from the fact that make-up has great importance into our lives. No lady can imagine going outside without makeup. Make-up usually enhances the beauty of various facial features. No doubt that, finding the right color foundation for skin is a tough task & similarly applying foundation correctly is also a tough task.

If the foundation is not applied well then all effort that you make during make-up usually go in vain. But don’t worries just learn the correct techniques of applying foundation from here. Today, I am going to share the 10 steps of applying foundation correctly & flawlessly.

Step 1:

Washing face

First of all wash you face with good beauty soap.

Step 2:

2 10 steps how to apply foundation flawlessly (1)

Now moisturize you skin by using a daily moisturize that you usually use. You can use little quantity of a moisturizing cream also.

Step 3:

3 10 steps how to apply foundation flawlessly (2)

Now it’s the time to apply primer on your face. Lots of branded primers are available into the market you can choose one that suit your skin best.

Step 4:

4 10 steps how to apply foundation flawlessly (3)

Before applying foundation you need to use highlighter. So, after applying primer, you can apply highlighter. Some people use highlighter after applying foundation but no make-up experts suggests that when you use highlighter under foundation then it give natural glow to you face.

Step 5:

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It’s the time to apply foundation. You can use brush for applying foundation. For blending it well you can also use the fingers of your hands where you feel need.

Step 6:

6 10 steps how to apply foundation

Be careful, that you apply foundation on under eye circles, on blemishes, near jaw line on all the uneven parts of skin that you want to make tone even.

Step 7:

7 correct techniqies

It is observed that foundation softens your skin & we also know that the more softens the skin the more the crease will appear. For preventing this problem you can lighten or lessen the foundation from the areas of your skin where you feel that lines appear during smiling & speaking. Usually it seems as lines appears near jaw line & near eyes during smiling.

Step 8:

8 10 steps how to apply foundation flawlessly (6)

Don’t forget to apply foundation on ears & neck for a perfect even skin tone look. You can never neglect the most visible areas around your face.

Step 9:

9 10 steps how to apply foundation flawlessly (7)

After applying foundation if you feel that there are still some areas which are uneven then you can use concealer on these areas.

Step 10:

10 10 steps how to apply foundation flawlessly (9)

After completing foundation application, you can give a finishing touch to you face by using eyebrow pencil for eyebrow grooming, a little contouring of your face, blush on application etc.


Whatever you use for making foundation or base of your skin you must blend each product very well.