Easy Beauty Tips:

Girls are always in search of new & easy beauty tips. They want to enhance their beauty by using these tips. A little make-up can play a vital role in order to modify your look. Some women prefer make-up only when they go outside from the home either for office work or for meeting their friends. In case of party, wedding & dinners, make-up becomes essential. So, on this website you can get very easy, do-it-yourself & unique make-up ideas.

Instant Make-up Tips:

Instant make-up tips mean those tips which you can use very immediately & directly.

1)    First of all you need to choose a foundation for making a base. Choose it according to your skin complexion.
2)    If your skin is oily then try to choose an oil free foundation product.
3)    In summer season the sun protection foundation is necessary from saving skin from the UV rays.
4)    Some instant home made easy tips for glowing & fair skin are; you can use a paste of rice flour, curd & milk on your face, neck & hands for about 20 min & then rinse cool with water, second is you can use the paste of & milk. The regular usage of these pastes can bring a great positive change into your skin. You can also use it before make-up for glowing skin.
5)    If you feel you eyes are puffy (may be due to tiredness or lack of sleep) then you can use ice cubes for about 5 to 7 min for reducing this puffiness.
6)    Now wash your face with normal water.
7)    Apply foundation.
8)    Concealer can also be used before foundation.
9)    Set it with a sponge.
10)    Apply a lip gloss. (the color that you like most)
11)    You can go with bold lips by choosing dark colors of lipstick such as red, maroon, dark pink etc.
12)    An instant application of liner & mascara add some attraction into your eyes. Pointed shape loner can give a dramatic look to your eyes.
13)    Eye make-up is on choice. If you like then you can apply it otherwise left it. Simple eyes look more natural. If you like eye makeup then give some extra attention to your eyes because if eye makeup is never done perfectly then its clumsiness, inelegance, roughness & awkwardness become dominant on all the other important features of your personality.
14)    Blush on must be applied. Choose the shades brown, pink or peach.
15)    A good hairstyle is very necessary with a make-over. So never forget it.
16)    Pay attention on your outfit, footwear & handbag.

Hope you will like these tips. For further ideas, tips & interesting info stay with us by visiting this site regularly.

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