Home remedies to reduce acne:

Your face is the reflection of your inner beauty and reason to attract the people by your naturally clear fair complexion. But it looks bad and gloomy when acne appears on it. Acne display unwelcome appearance and give an annoying impression on your face. It badly damages your skin and leaves spots and scares on it which becomes the reason of inferiority complex. This reason has been raised under teen agers they become so worry because these problems. The acne problem developed if we don’t care our skin and use harmful things in eating and applying on face. There are many reasons to how these acne are appeared on face due to
•    improper food
•    use of excessive oily items
•    less use of water
•    harmonial changes
•     use of bad products for your face
•    Less quality products in cosmetics
Today I am going to share some home remedy tips that will extremely useful for you to reduce acne scars fro m the face and make able your skin to lighten in the day or night time. Let’s check below there are 5 tips to less your acne in just some days.

Use plenty of water:

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Water plays a vital role in lightening your skin as well as to diminish your acne from face. Water is a natural thing and with its excessive use we can easily reduce our face problems which are displaying our features in unpleasant manner. Water and proper diet both are useful for our healthy skin and prevent our skin form any harmful disease and keeps it fresh all the time. For reducing acne we should drink plenty of water or use 8 to 10 glass of water in a day.

Apply lemon juice for acne scars:

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Another natural remedy item is lemon that exists vitamin c and provides the users a benefit of skin lightening and free of acne. Lemon plays a significant function to make your face adorable and free form acne. For this regard you have to use it in specific manner. Take some lemon juice and mix it an equal quantity of water in it, now apply this potion on just acne not on all face, after 15 to 20 minute wash your face. You will see the result in just some days.

Use honey mask for face:

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Honey is a natural thing that is extremely useful for our skin and provides a glowing effect and gleaming impression on face. With the use of honey we can avoid many skin problems and prevent our skin from any damage or spots. It also provides a relief to sensitive skin people.
•    Take little quantity of honey and apply on acne, leave it for all night and see the result in the morning
•    Mix some quantity of honey in some yogurt and apply on face for 10 to 15 minutes. It effect as a best facial mask and moisturize our skin in glowing way.

Use of baking soda:

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Baking soda is the essential kitchen item that is available in every home or kitchen. Baking soda also facilitates us to provide benefits of bright and glossy skin free form acne. It is the best home remedy that gives high assistance to the users to prevent you from any skin problem specifically from acne, oil and dust form face. In hits regard, you have to take little bit quantity of baking soda and mix it with some water; it will turn into a paste, now apply it on face for 10 minutes it will diminish your acne as well as dark spots and scars in just some days and shocked you.

Don’t pick out acne or spots:

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If you have acne on your face then you should avoid picking out. If you pick out acne then it will leaves spot or dark mark on face gives a bad impression. Above discussed acne tips you can use to avoid this problems but don’t use this short cut to reduce acne form face it will be bad for sensitive skin people