5 ways to keep body fit & strong without thinking

Workout on the daily basis is terrific way to keep body sturdy, vigorous and enthusiastic but in this busy eventful life nobody can’t obliterate your luxury instance in tough exercise. If your life is full of activities and you aren’t a fan of exercise then don’t be worry to keep your figure strong and athletic. Motivate your overweight body from daily routines those easily reduce your extra weight without fixing a proper time.  Daily motion exercise with another intention can distract you from the fact that you’re obliging your body to work hard. The following are some types of simple activities those can lose your weight rapidly because these daily motions burn calories and keep healthy your body. Take a look!

To climb on stairs for weight loss

Man on stairs

Most of us to avoid climbing enormous stairs but using of these are best exercise for weight lose. When you take a step of stair, move your parts of body & burn calories. This is easiest and cheap way to burn calories and keep body strong so, you should take stairs almost 30 minutes in a daily routine and 15 mints for beginners. You will show surprising result after 2 weeks.

Yoga is best exert to keep body athletic

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May be yoga seem intimidate but actually this is not a tough job rather than it is most beneficial and advantageous workout to lose weight and strong supple body. Pros, cons and dance all types of yoga, for this you don’t need much equipment & fixing time.

Squatting is elite belly reducing work out

3 Squat-exercise

This is very hard or almost impossible to increase your height according to your aspiration but you can control your belly in a sensible look. If your figure is normal but belly is extra big then squatting is awesome best workout for you. Regularly, sit at 10 minutes in a correct squatting form and keep your hands and back straight. You can do this simple exercise indoor or outside anytime day after day for merely 10 mints.

Running rapidly burns calories

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If you are an office worker and sit almost 8 hours in a whole day then freely run is vital to keep body muscles and bones strong and healthy. Speedily run motivate all organs of your body and prevent from impede due to period of long time sitting. Drink plenty water & run almost 30 mints on a regular basis but always wear rubber sole sneakers for marathon.

Badminton as sport exercise


Badminton is superb and blissful game that makes body fit and active. During the game of badminton you jump & forcefully swing your arms from which reason your body is heated, burn calories and pour sweat. You will burn 300 calories in 30 minutes during badminton game.