Vitamin D and its essentiality

Vitamin D is an essential supplement for body which is crucial for absorption of calcium from body, bone development, controlling of cell growth and proper immune functioning. Deficiency off vitamin D leads to serious diseases in which cancer risk, weaker immune system, poor hair growth and weaken condition of muscles and bones. For normal growth of human body, vitamin D is essential. it is also called sun shine vitamin due to its production from the sun when your skin expose to sun.

Foods are natural sources for vitamin D

Food is natural source of the production of vitamin D. god has put a large amount of vitamin D in different food items in which fish oil, fatty fish, beef liver, egg yolk and mushrooms. Milk and orange juice also have the large amount of vitamin D. healthy adults between the age of 19 to 50 should receive 200 IU’s of vitamin in a day. Older people need high amount of vitamin D to sustain their bone energy. People below to 70 year need 400 IU and who are above 70 needs almost 600 IU

Food having richest amount of Vitamin D

Milk: – is natural source of vitamin D .a cup of fortified milk can provide you a quarter of recommended vitamin D. most of dairy foods are not fortified and contain small amount of vitamin D.

Salmon: – fish with light fat content is ideal for having vitamin D. along with salmon, other kinds of fish as tuna, and catfish are also best for the achieving vitamin D. fish oils and fish liver are also fantastic for vitamin D.

Egg yolk: – one egg yolk has the 10 IU of daily recommended value. Be sure of having sufficient amount of vitamin from the natural and easy source of egg yolk.

Mushrooms: – are also beneficial for having vitamin D5 and copper. White cooked mushroom provide 27.0 IU gram serving.

Yogurt: – fortified yogurt can superbly provide you 20 IU of the recommended value of vitamin D. some brands offer more then this. Plain, nonfat yogurt and get sufficient amount of vitamin D.

Cereals: – many cereals in addition of milk fortified with vitamin D. check food label when purchasing food cereals. Fortified cereal can provide up to 342IU per 100 gram serving and even more if combined with fortified dairy products.

Orange juice: – is also highly significant in having sufficient amount o vitamin D. fortified half cup of orange juice will provide you 45 IU of vitamin D.

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