Prologue and significance of vitamin B

A group of water-soluble vitamin which plays essential role in blood cell metabolism is called vitamin B. A number f vitamins share the same name but research shows that they play distinctive role in sustaining of body functions. 8 Different kinds of vitamin B are functionally distinctive in performing their specific role. Vitamin B1 thiamin, B2 riboflavin, B3 niacin, B5 pantothenic acid, B6 pyridoxine, B7 biotin, B9 folic acid and B12 cobalamin  are dinstinctive types of vitamin B which are crucial for the right development and functioning of human body

7 foods which are tremendously full of vitamin B

For vitamin B2, crimini mushroom are best diet. Many other kinds of mushroom are also full of vitamin and minerals. Mushrooms are natural source of getting sufficient amount of vitamin B.


Several kinds of fishes carry distinctive types of vitamin B. mackerel has rich treasure of vitamin B12,  tuna, salmon, trout and halibut are rich in containing vitamin B6 . Almost all kinds of fishes are rich in containing sufficient amount of vitamin B particles.


Vegetables are tremendously great source of getting vitamin B. spinach is at top of the list in this context. All veggies have the special quality of carrying distinctive kinds of vitamin B.

Seeds and nuts

Sunflower seeds and sesame seed have naturally best amount of vitamin B. in salad and other food item, we can use distinctive seeds for intake vitamin B. nuts in which pistachio is conspicuous are also gull of vitamin B specialties.


Milk naturally contain rich amount of vitamin B2 as well as other types of vitamin B. along with calcium, sufficient amount of vitamin B can gracefully achieve from milk. Dairy products are also full of vitamin B.


Eggs are also full of great supplement of vitamin B2. use of egg is our daily diet patterns assists us in sustaining the amount of vitamin B in our body

Meat or liver

Beef has the rich amount o vitamin B2. Eating liver is also beneficial for in taking sufficient amount of vitamin B2. Lean meat is also good for taking other parts of vitamin B complex

7 foods which has good quality of vitamin B

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