Natural & Homemade Makeup Remover for Women:

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As we know the fact that in this age of fashion makeup has become a very important thing for the girls & women. They cannot imagine going outside or in a party or wedding function without makeup. Whether they are going outside casually or formally, make up is necessary for them. After applying makeup, the next thing that they need is the makeup remover. Now days, you can see lots of expensive & chemical based makeup removers in the market but it is right for you to use natural makeup remover so that it can never harm your sensitive skin.

Benefits of Almond Oil:

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When we talk about the natural makeup removers then almond oil comes at the top. It removes everything eyeliner, mascara, eyeshades, lipstick, foundation & it even remove waterproof mascara & liner. Almond oil not only removes make up but it also has lots of benefits. Let me tell you first these benefits & then I will discuss the step by step method on how you can use it for removing makeup.

1)    It has antibacterial properties.
2)    It is cheaper & inexpensive makeup remover as compared from other branded high price tag makeup removers.
3)    As we know the each natural oil has its own beautifying & purification properties. So whenever you applied almond oil on skin then you will surely get beautiful & pure skin.
4)    It has also bleaching & whitening properties.
5)    When you use almond oil for removing makeup then oil massage helps to prevents wrinkles & premature aging signs.
6)    It is a natural skin nourishment ingredient.
7)     It is also known as Anti-inflammation oil for treating minor skin allergies.
8)    It is best for removing dark circles. For this purpose you need to mix almond oil with honey. Then apply near dark circle area. Massage gently & get superb results.
9)    It can also be used as sun protection.
10)    It is best for all types of skins especially for oily skin.

How to Almond Oil as Makeup Remover?

Mostly almond oil is best for oily skin but other skin type ladies can also use it because it a natural ingredient. The step by step method is;

1)    You need almond oil, cotton pads or a clean wash cloth.

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2)    Try to smear or slather some almond oil on your face with the help of your hand palm & fingers. Apply on all parts where you apply makeup.
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3)    Now message it gently. Massage almost 15 to 20 min.
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4)    Now try to wipe the almond oil by using a round cotton pad or a clean piece of washcloth.

5)    Wash your Face with Soap.

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Are you thinking that applying almond oil on face can be irritating? Well it’s may be especially when you do it for first time but later you will be settled.  You never need to go on bed with oily face. Just apply, massage for 15 min & then wash. So, there will be no irritation & you will feel comfortable. Furthermore, if you are thinking that applying oil is bad or can make skin too much oily then you are wrong because natural oils always very best for your skin as I told into the benefits of almond oil point. You can use olive, almond, grape seed oil, castor oil, etc that suits best to your skin.