There are lot of food foods which we use daily and these provide us Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the most recognizable of all nutrients and its most essential for our body. As our body tissue does not store it so it is required that we take vitamin c foods on daily basis. Our body desires Vitamin C for making collagen- a protein that helps support tendons, ligaments and blood vessels and keep the skin and other organs together. There are lot of benefits for skin, health and hair but here I am going to tell you skin benefits of vitamin c.

Sun safeguard;

Vitamin C protects our skin from the ultraviolet radiations. It gives us protection from free radicals which we build up due to excess exposure to the sun, environmental pollution and smoking effects. It protects from all these effects.

Protects against skin discoloration:

Vitamin C protects DNA from the photochemical reactions that are cause of tumor, skin discoloration and many kinds of skin cancer. Vitamin C lightens the dark discoloration or finished the blemished spots.

Silky smooth skin:

If you not take enough nutrients then your skin become dull and dry. Food and creams contacting vitamin c improves the appearance and texture of skin as it increase elastic formation which heels, improves the skin surface and make your skin silky and smooth.

Firms and tightens the skin:

Vitamin c helps to make collagen which keeps the cells together. So enough use of vitamin makes your skin tightens. Lacking of collagen makes the skin dull and lifeless so for giving fresh and healthy skin, take vitamin c daily.

Heals wounds:

For repairing and healing of damaged tissues, body uses vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to heal wounds in faster pace. It repairs the wound tissues and wounded tissues healed.

Prevents signs of aging:

Experts suggest that Vitamin C might delay the signs of aging due to free radical damage. Women who consumed more vitamin c face less wrinkles and skin dryness.
So who don’t consume vitamin c daily try to consume more vitamin c for skin benefits.

Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C for skin (1)

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Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C for skin

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