Some girls are naturally blessed with beautiful hair but maintaining natural look is the real effort to do. Beautiful hair looks more beautiful. Girls have many problems of hair like split ends, growth, no shine, frizz, breakage and dandruff. To stay away from these hair issues you have to care your hair with natural home remedies so that you may have the natural shine of hair. Many girls complaint about the fact that they have not charming and strong hair as was in childhood. The reason is that in childhood you are not crazy about looks while young girls often do wrong things that are dangerous to their natural hair. I am sure no one likes hair with dandruff this is the worst hair issue confronted by both girls and boys. But don’t worry I am going to tell you some home remedial tips that will maintain the natural beauty and charm to your hair.

•    Drink lots of water for natural charming hair. Maximum 8 glasses are asked to drink in a day that will release you from skin, hair and body problems.
•    Add fruits and vegetables to diet that provide important minerals and vitamins helpful in growth of hair.
•    Always use chemical free products that are harmful for hair.
•    Use the shampoo that suits your hair best otherwise it will cause breakage of hair.
•    Drink milk daily it makes the locks of hair strong.

mostly there is a huge difference between tip to tail the reason is that our pours produce a natural oil in hair called sebum the sebum is not present at the end of hair that causes dryness and split ends to hair. To prevent from split ends use homemade masks that nourishes the hair.

•    Olive oil is recommended to hair to have massage at night and wash it out next morning.
•    Coconut oil is also fruitful for the growth of hair.
•    Scalp of aloe Vera is best for hair.
•    Apply the aloe Vera scalp to hair and leave it for 30 minutes if you repeat this remedy in a week this will keep your hair healthy and strong naturally.
•    Curd has natural conditioning effects. If you have dandruff problem then curd is perfect remedy for hair.
•    Apply curd to hair round about 40 minutes after washing hair you will stun to the shine of hair.
•    Trim your ends when needed. Mostly once time in a moth is asked to trim the split ends that increase growth of hair.

In past girls were very conscious about growth they mostly do braid for the protection of natural hair but with the diverse and fast changes in world we feel ourselves conscious about lifestyle. Now girls look busy in taking heating treatment to hair that is the main reason behind damaging hair. If you keep your hair healthy and strong naturally then stay away from heating and, ironing and flatting.

•    Avoid ironing and blow drying hair all the time. If it is necessary then do this only 2 times a month.
•    Heating is very dangerous for hair if you do it only one time you lose natural shine of hair.
•    Use wide tooth comb and comb your hair only one time in a day otherwise just set your hair with the help of fingers.
•    Avoid over heated water to take bath. Use cool or lukewarm water.
•    Sound sleep is very important in beauty of hair.
•    Always massage and treat your hair gently. If you are combing then be patient without thinking time is passing.
•    Steam increases the blood flow to hair that is effective in growing hair.
•    Friction of towel and hair after bathing is also becomes a reason to weak hair and split ends.
•    Avoid combing wet hair it weakens the roots and causes breakage of hair.
Lastly try to be happy that is important to keep muscles strong and prevent you from skin, hair and other problems. Stress too deprives you from natural healthy hair if you feel stress and tension busy yourself in fruitful activities or relax your muscles for 5 minutes that will help you to release your stress.

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