Critical stages of life:

Person is like a pendulum that walks between pleasure and anxieties. A sane writer has said “life is a mingled yarn of happiness and sorrows”. Certainly every person faces some critical stages in life; some times these critical situations become more dangerous if you leave yourself at the mercy of time. Certainly you have to face and fight a battle against the rival circumstances at any cast. Its man’s glory and almost every writer have present tribute to this man’s ability in their writing.

Significance to be relaxed:

Worries and anxieties are one significant taste of life and every person have to taste this flavor of life then why should not with accepting behavior? If you will start accept, circumstances will be lenient in their catastrophic impact. To live a balanced life you have to find some relaxation even in bitter situations of life so that you can find survival. Here we are sharing some effective behaviors which can help you in being relaxed in critical stages of life.

Coffee with friends:

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Coffee with friends is an awesome practice which can release tension while taking coffee alone can increase tension level. Group sitting with a cup of coffee can lower stress and you can feel fresh even in pungent stage of life.

Phone call:

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According to university of Wisconsin-medical listening someone voice at phone call has the ability of lower stress of listener’s mind. Whenever, you are bored from facing harsh situations take a break from releasing your anxiety from a phone call to some near and dear.



Although life plays tricks with you, man’s greatness lies in facing those tricks with great tolerating powers, if life is not congenial at this moment and you essentially want some relaxation. Take refuge in visualizing. Visualize about great goals of life, feel that you are achieving them at powers of your hands. It will improve your performance and give you energy to be realized your visualizations.

Creativity or feeling transaction:

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Creativity like writing verses or words at a page has also great capability of bring relaxation. Put all your feeling at paper with feeling that you are transmitting your tension or harsh experiences in your words. It will be great practice which will purify you from tensions. So writing is great thing to be clam and inner peace.

Listening music:

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Whenever you are finding some soft corner which can dissolve your mental pressure, listen your favorite song and try to enjoy it with same dexterity as you listen is in happy mood. Forget about all things and live in present moment through enjoying a song. Live present moment is also fabulous for forgetting past harshness or future fears.

Grow some plant:

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Greenery has great natural capacity of releasing tension of someone. Great exiting sight of greenery can bring sweet smile at your lips. When ever you want to do something creative in bitter circumstance, grow a plant. It will create an expression 5rthat you can do positive for your own self also.

Inner piece:

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Find inner peace in critical situations of life through meditations, by lay your head on a soft pillow, by breathe techniques and by closing your eyes. All these actions have great consequences and can keep relax you on bitter times.

Change environment:

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Changing environment is also fantastic for changing your thoughts. Be alone for sometime at your favorite place, find some sun light in a sunny day it also have capacity of releasing tension, look a natural scenery through window or glass and try to find some strategies which can improve your circumstances.


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Exercises are also awesome for having relaxed and clam minded expression. Do some yoga practice, running in peace and talk a quick walk to leave you worries behind for some time. it will prove great to find some change in anxious situations.