Impact of makeup:

Makeup is exclusive accessory which has amazing dexterity to change look. From right application of makeup you can not only enhance your grace and beauty but also can change your facial feature’s looks. From some makeup techniques or steps you can change your feature’s look as you can make your mall eyes big and attractive, you can also make your big nose thinner and smaller and from lipstick application you can create impressive lip shape according to your choice.

Here we are sharing some excellent makeup tips which are fabulous for those girls who have big nose. Big nose is really an objection for every girl. From these exclusive makeup tricks you can create a small and thin nose expression. Let’s discuss these practical makeup techniques which are fabulous in their consequences.

Some makeup tips for nose:

1 makeup tips to make your nose look smaller (7) 1 makeup tips to make your nose look smaller (9)

We are sharing these makeup steps one by one in following lines,
1: from use of concealer and bright high lighting you can change look of your big nose
2: start from your brows and draw tow lines with shadow brush around the both sides of your nose.
3: draw a bright highlighting line between brows and down to the center of nose.
4: Blend all concealed towards the cheeks with soft blending brush.
5: be conscious regarding the lines of concealed which you draw around the nose’s both sides.
6: make your blending artistic so that right expression can convey through this effort.
2 makeup tips to make your nose look smaller (1) 2 makeup tips to make your nose look smaller (5)

Makeup ideas for smaller nose:

We are sharing some excellent picture which will clear all concept of making small noses. These pictures are containing practice of those steps which are fabulous for creating exclusive expression of impressive nose shape. See the gallery by taking right ideas of small nose practice. Enjoy the beneficial gallery with admiring keen eyes.