Dark circles around the eyes:

Dark circles are the black circles around your eyes which show you weary and exhausted due to your daily activities. Dark circles eliminate the beauty of your face and shows you as idle and inactive person among the gathering of the fellows. There are many reasons and causes to how these dark circles appeared around your eyes

Reasons to how dark circles appeared:


  • •    Dark circles appeared due to the too much working before computer and watching a lot TV late night.
  • •    The second reason of the appearance of the dark circle is the improper sleep and tiredness.
  • •    Improper food also increases the chance of dark circles.
  • •    Aging and less moisturizing
  • •    Smoking is also a very big reason of dark circles
  • •    Stress leads you towards harmful diseases which react in the form of dark circles.

Almond oil:

Now the matter is how to reduce these prominent dark circles around our eyes. For this reason you have to consult with some doctors or you can get some guideline from the websites. There are so many natural ways to reduce the dark circles. One of the most important and vital natural way to reduce dark circle is the almond oil. Almond oil is the best home remedy for the dark circles instead of eye creaming and other cosmetic to apply; you should have to use almond oil for your shiny look of the face and for your dark circles. With the use of almond oil in some days you become able to hide your permanent dark circle around your eyes. Almond oil is not only suitable for dark circles but also for the skin tone and enhances the shiny features and glowing the skin in just some days.
There are some tips to how we can reduce our dark circles with the proper use of almond oil as a home remedy.

Tips to reduce dark circles with almond oil:


  • •    Apply a little quantity of almond oil around the eyes and gently massage with fingers daily. It will give you a better result in reducing dark circles.
  • •    Two tablespoons of honey with the same quantity of almond oil and apply this mixture at night before sleeping, it will also facilitate you to get ride of it.
  • •    Little amount of almond oil and little bit quantity of milk applied around your eyes and wash your face after 10 to 15 minute. Wonderful result will be before you in just some days.
  • •    With all these tips, you should have to take proper sleep at night. This will amazingly react as a natural way.


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