Step by step accurate way to apply mascara

Mascara is commonly used beauty item that apply to make dark and thick lashes. Main purpose of applying mascara got length of eye-lashes. Eyes are most attractive and beautiful face part that’ reason these deserve more attention. Beautician gives most keenly concentration when she applies ladies’ face makeup and especially on mascara because without mascara your eyes’ makeup is not completed this define your eyes with impressive and heart-touching glance.
Most ladies apply mascara with wrong way and then complain their eyes don’t look attractive and charming. So, I am going to here to share five best and correct step to apply mascara for lengthen lashes and deep superb eyes. Have a great look and follow below steps.

Step: 1

Curl your lashes

1 mascara curler

Curved eye lashes look natural and stunning so, initially use lashes curler and gently curl little sections from roots to top. Stay in this situation for 4 or 5 seconds.

Step: 2
Choose best Company mascara

2 different companies mascara

Always use exotic branded cosmetics products because these are all created by intense experiments. Secondly, use high-profile company mascara with straight brush.

Step: 3
Apply mascara at upper lashes

3 apply mascara

Now apply mascara at the upper lashes and start from base and gently wiggle at the top of your lashes. This step repeated three or four times because thick lashes look dazzling.

Step: 4
Apply mascara at lower lashes


Intensely, apply mascara at the lower lashes and prevent from clump and destroy face skin.

Step: 5

5 accurate applied mascara eye

This is extremely lovely and superb idea to apply mascara on eye lashes. You can guess to see this beautiful eye that looked excellent and attractive with mascara.