Accurate steps to apply liner yourself

Eye liner is cosmetic item that defines the beauty of eyes and it is applied around the curves of the eyes in different elegant forms. Eyes may be the windows of soul but these can’t perform their duty without dark liner hint. Your face make-up is not complete if you don’t apply liner on eyes because most impressive part of our face is eyes that’ reason deep and dark liner eyes are vital for attractive face.

Modish and trendy young girls do love with eyeliner and usually apply it in daily routine for going school and colleges or sometimes offices but main problem that they face is to apply eyeliner yourself. Eyeliner comes in diverse verities such as liquid liner, cake liner with brush, pencil liner, waterproof eyeliner and some others. You can apply anyone according your alternative. Here, I am going to share easy & accurate steps to apply different eyeliner by own hands. Have a vast glance and learn to apply eyeliner by yourself.

Winged eyeliner with pencil

1 eyeliner with pencil 1 winged eye linner

If you prefer eyeliner pencil then this is best option to apply by yourself eyeliner. Winged eyeliner looks more charming and delightful with eye kajal.

Eyeliner with cake brush

2 asian look eye linner 2 perfect eye linner

Long lasting perfect eyeliner is desire of every girl. For fulfill your need cake liner is elite and exact cosmetic item. To apply pencil cake liner, you need just mirror and cake brush and gave much attention of your eyes.

Exact way to apply liquid eyeliner by own hands

3 Apply liquid eyeliner

If you like liquid eye liners to enhance eyes beauty then follow these steps and enjoy awesome and enthralling eyes.

Cat eye liners by you

4 cat eyes linner 4 cat eyes

Now a day, cat eye liners is favorite style to décor eyes of many girls and they want to apply this by own hands.  You are seeing in the above images, long lasting eye liner that applied with cake liner brushes.

Here, you can see furthermore make-up beauty eyes that more adorned with black hints. Hope, you will love and appreciate this grand beauty cosmetic collection.