Learn right technique to apply concealer & foundation
Definition of Concealer:

1 concealer colors

Concealer is helpful type of cosmetic that utilized to cover face blemishes, under eye circles, ages spots & pores. It is founded in liquid & solid both forms & different lightest to deepest skin tones. Always use right color of concealer that should be closest to your skin pigment if you are anxious about deep dark circle then yellowish concealer is apposite for you & red cheeks broker veins face use green & blue concealer to treat it dilemma. Concealer normally applied on face in the center of make up after primer and before of foundation to have flawless glowing facial beauty.

Definition of Foundation:

2 foundation colors

Foundation is skin color cosmetic paint item that used to fresh your tired & tedious face casing in charming impeccable elegance. Foundation is available in liquid, thick, paste & powder thrice states for applying the skin to hide complexion of skin spots. This is second last ending cosmetic that used before translucent powder to have even smooth perfect face skin.

How can correctly apply concealer & foundation?

1st Step

3 arid fce with tissue paper

•    If you want perfect professional make up face then firstly you should to have clean & fresh face that is center for every flawless great make up.  Before applying any beauty cosmetic on face, make sure that you face is dust free, sanitary from old make up & arid from oil shiny skin.
Wash you hand & face normally with regular face soap or cleanser & smoothly make dry it with tissue papers or clean towel.

2nd Step

4 face primer

•    Moisturize you skin from best primer that is apposite for your skin type. If you have oily shiny skin then water-mixing lotion is good choice but if your skin is rough dry then thick ointment can go right for you. Gently dab from finger pores & blend it well. Wait from few mints before applying concealer to complete soak up in dead skin.

3rd Step

5 concealer with brush (1)

•    Now is the stage to cover face blemishes, age wrinkles & discoloration from by concealer that is really effective for acne & freckles skin. You know that concealer comes in different skin tones so; you must choose right shade concealer that matches with your skin. Take a test of concealer by applying it least amount on the neck coat & blend it. If this goes in natural color then it is best but sometime concealer did not match from your facial skin and seem darker or lighter then you can mix two shades of concealer to get exact shade.
Thick or stick conceal is best to fill open pores & hide dark circles & acne spots but if you have aged wrinkle face then liquid conceal can fulfill your desire of young flawless make up.
Apply concealer with the help of smooth brush on affected areas & leave it for few mints & then blend it towards up with big concealer brush.

4th Step

6 foundation before & after picture

When face skin is showing flawless equal from every angle then apply foundation for even smooth & long-lasting freshness. Apply color foundation for professional correct make up face but never go towards complete opposite instead of which foundation color is close to your natural skin, pick up & apply it with finger tips & blend it with foundation brush or sponge in rounded motion.  Thick, liquid & matte thrice sates are available in the market you should choose according your own face skin for better result. Add slightly touch of translucent powder for oil shine control on hose & cheeks.
According this pattern, you will surely get a professional right face makeup.