Top 10 Tips for Treating Dry & Oily Skin:

Your skin becomes oily due to the accumulation of excess oils that your skin starts to bring on the surface due to chemical change into the skin cells. The more oily skin look means dirtier it is so wash twice in a day. Similarly, due to sun rays, dust & changing in weather conditions leads towards wreak & havoc skin. Dry skin means dehydrated skin which usually lack of flexibility & natural oils.

Consequently it starts to dry, wreck or crack. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, it never matters because both types of skin are painful to deal. These skins can create annoying and frequent problems for you. So, it’s the time to treat your skin & make it moderate I mean neither oily nor dry by using effective home remedies.

First o all I will discuss the top 5 treatment of oily skin via home remedies then I will tell you the remaining 5 tips for dry skin. Each home remedy is really very inexpensive & equally beneficial.

1-Yogurt for Treating Oily Skin:

1 yogurt for oily skin

Yogurt actually contains on lactic acid that is consider to be helpful in absorbing the excess oil that becomes visible on the surface of your skin. So, take some spoons of yogurt & apply on your oily skin like a face pack for about 20 to 25 min. then wash with fresh water. You can repeat it from 2 to 3 days in a week for getting better results.

2-Milk for Getting Oil-Free Face:

2 milk for oily skin

Milk is considered an oil-free cleanser for the face. It is easily available into your home. Just take liitle milk in a bowl & soak a cotton pad in it. Then apply milk through this pad on your face.  You will feel quite relax when you do it. Milk gives you a soothing feeling. Repeat it daily & get smooth, oil free & glowing skin.

3-Aloe Vera Gel for Reducing Oil from Skin:


3 aloe vera gel for oily skin

As you know the fact very well that Aloe Vera has lots of benefits for hairs & skin. If we talk about its benefits from skin point of view then it is right to say that Aloe Vera gel absorb the surplus oil from skin & helps to clear the pores of skin. Simply you need to buy natural aloe Vera gel from a medical store & then apply this on face according to given instructions of the gel box.

4-Almond & Honey Scrub for Controlling Oil:

4 almond honey scrub for oily skin

Try to make almond honey scrub for controlling the excessive oil of your skin. Just take some almond. Grind these almonds into a machine. Then mix this almond powder into honey, massage this scrub on your face for about 15 minute & then wash with fresh water. This will help in removing excess oil from the surface of your skin.

5-Cucumber Slices:

5 cucumber for oily skin

When we talk about beauty tips then I think the name of cumber comes at the top of the list of home ingredients.  Cut the thicker slices of cucumber, rub these slices on face for about 10 to 15 min. Do this before sleeping & keep your face unwashed overnight. Wash early in the morning.

Now let’s move towards home remedies that are beneficial for treating dry skin.

1-Avocado Pulp for the treatment of Dry Skin:

6 avocado for dry skin

Dry skin is really very hard to treat because sometimes due to severe dryness you skin can become itchy. But don’t worries try Avocado because it restore the smoothness and makes your skin silky. Take the pulp of an avocado, apply this pulp on your dry skin & rub gently for about 15 min. Then wash with fresh water. You can repeat it once in a day (daily).

2-Low Cost Treatment for Dry Skin:

7 eg yolk milk & honey face mask

Don’t worry now you never need to visit the costly skin specialist for treating your dry skin (if you are not facing severer condition then you can go with this tip otherwise visit your skin specialist for treating severe skin problem). Take one Egg yolk, milk powder (if powder is not available then you can use milk) and honey. Mix these ingredients, apply on dry skin for about half an hour & then wash your face first with fresh water & then use your regular skin soap. Use this twice in a week for good results.

3-Coconut Oil:

8 coconut oil for drk skin treatment

Coconut Oil is easily available on stores. Always try to use fresh coconut oil when you are treating your dry skin. Apply this oil on face, hands feet before sleeping & wash with your regular soap in the early morning. You will see the improvements.

4-Mint Water for Dry & Itchy Skin:

9 mint

Mint leaves not only gives you’re a refreshing smell but also helpful for dry & itchy skin treatment. Take some mint leaves in a bowl. Add some water in the bowl. Boil this water for about 15 to 20 mint. Then let it cool. Now soak one cotton pad in this water & apply this on your face. Hopefully, you will get better results.

5-Yougurt & Banana Paste for Dry Skin:

10 Banana and yogurt for dry skin face pack

Take Banana and yogurt. Make thick paste & apply this paste on your face like a face pack for about 15 to 20 min & then wash your face. Repeat it daily once in a day for getting better & effective results.