How to Get Perfect Shape Eyebrows?

No doubt that perfectly shaped eyebrows plays a vital role in order to give a flawless look to your eyes. Well groomed eyebrows looks like a perfect frame for eyes. So, whenever you think to give a right shape to your brows then make sure that you are choosing right shape. You don’t know how you can take right decision. Don’t worry just stay on this web page & get very beneficial ideas.

1)    Don’t over pluck your brows.
2)    Always try to tweeze your eyebrows after taking shower because shower makes skin soft & flexible & you will feel pain.
3)    When you are plucking your brows then always brush the hair in the direction where they grow naturally (usually in upward direction).
4)    Some features that lead towards best shape eyebrows are arch, length & thickness of eyebrow hairs.

Face Shape & Eyebrow Shape:

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Now days the well educated make over experts’ usually understand your face shape & then choose a right shape of eyebrows for your personality. First of all you need to determine your face shape whether it is oval, round, long, square, heart or diamond. Then choose an appropriate I mean highly arched, flat, curved or s shape brows. The written instruction in above picture will guide you very well. Have a look & learn!

Ways of Making Eyebrows:

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There are typically two ways of making eyebrows. One is plucking, waxing or tweezing while the other is filling of eyebrows. In the first method you extract hair from eyebrows & give a shape to the brows while the other method never need any hair extraction but it will gently give a shape to eyebrows by using eyebrow pencil or eyebrow tint.

How to Determine the Starting, Ending & Arch Point of Eyebrows?

Closeup of a young beautiful woman.

Look towards the above picture that will help you to learn how you can determine or locate your eyebrow Starting Point, End Point & arch point. For this purpose you can use along thin stick or a led pencil. Use this long stick as described into the picture & determine main points.

Method of Plucking or Tweezing:

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Now outline your ideal eyebrow shape that you determine with arch. You can use an eyebrow pencil that is darker than your hair color for outline. Now pluck or tweeze the hairs that are above or below the outline as shown into the picture. Now if required then you can fill your eyebrows. You are ready to go!