Latest Trend of Make-up:

As the style of dressing plus the trend of footwear & jewelry goes on to change similarly we can say that make-over trends also goes to change with the passage of time. Women are very conscious about their make-over. They are always in search of new & easy makeover ideas. On this website you can get interesting & do-it-yourself ideas on make-up.

Whether you wear Bold Lips with Dramatic Eyes or not:

A rule of thumb about makeover which was mostly followed into the past was that when a woman wear darker color of eye shades then she must keep her lipstick lighter as much as possible. Similarly, when she applies a bold color of lipstick then she should choose light colors of eye shades for eye makeup. But now days a new trend is becoming popular among the women & that is you can wear bold lips & dramatic eyes together.

Ideas about Bold Lips and Dramatic Eyes:

Today, our all discussion is about the easy ideas on how to wear Bold Lips and Dramatic Eyes Together. So, read the following points carefully & then check out the picture gallery.

Dramatic Eye Make-up Tips:

Dramatic eyes means to make your eyes impressive & vivid as much as it is possible. For this purpose three points are important 1ST is the selection of eyeshades, 2nd is the application of eye liner & 3rd is the application of mascara.
1)    If we talk about eye shades then I only say for getting a dramatic eye look you should choose darker shades such as black, gray, silver, purple, orange etc. but the perfect dramatic look can be achievable only when you choose black Smokey eye make-up or metallic silver eye shades for your eye makeup.
2)     Second reason of selecting blackish or grayish or silver eye shades is that these shades can go perfect with any bold color of lipstick. You need to blend the eye shades very perfectly otherwise it will look very gauche.
3)    Now move towards the liner application. The thicker the liner the better the dramatic effect it will create on your eyes. Pointed shape liner around the whole will make your eyes bigger & dramatic. Apply mascaras for highlighting your lashes. If your lashes are too little then you can go with fake lashes it will surely give your eyes very chic & cool dramatic look.

How to Get Bold Lips:

For getting bold lips you have to choose darker colors of lipsticks such as red, orange, purple, maroon etc. Red or dark pink color plus purple color bold lip can go perfect with Smokey dramatic eyes. How to wear bold lips? Follow the instructions;
1)    Firstly you need to smooth your lips by using any lip scrub.
2)    Secondly try to moisturize your lips by using any lip balm.
3)    Thirdly, use an outline (the outline must be of the same color as the color of lipstick), it will highlight you lip shape.
4)    Now apply bold color lipstick (that you choose) on your lips.
5)    The shinny or shimmery lipsticks usually reduce the impact of your bold lips.
6)    Try to choose those bold lip color which can go perfect with your skin tone.
7)    Choose a matte lipstick.

Best Make-up for Summer Season:

So, in this summer season you can go with Bold Lips and Dramatic Eyes together. Explore the following picture gallery!

1 silver and grey color Dramatic Eyes Together

2 ideas of Bold Lips for girls  collection

3 stylish Dramatic Eyes Together ideas

4 ideas to Wear Bold Lips and Dramatic Eyes Together