Hairs & Your Personality:

Beautiful & healthy “Hairs” always play a very vital role in order to make your personality impressive. Every woman wants healthy & shinny hairs. For the purpose of fulfilling this desire mostly women uses different types of shampoos, conditioners, tips & oils without knowing what they kind of treatment is actually required for their hairs. Some ladies have rough hairs in this case they need only those tips which can make their hair shinny. On the other hand some ladies want to make their hairs healthy. For this purpose I am going to share some very easy tips with you which make your hairs healthy as well as shinny.

Tips for Shinny Hairs:

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If your hairs are rough then now you need never to worry because I am here with the very easy & homemade tips for shinny hairs. Hope you would like these!

1)    Egg Yolk Treatment:

Egg yolk is very easily available into your kitchens. You just need to take two to three egg yolks & add some olive oil in it. Mix both ingredients well.  First of all shampoo your hairs. After it, apply this paste into your hairs & wash with water after 10 to 15 minute. This acts as a conditioner & brings shines into your hairs.

2)    Mayonnaise  for Shinny Hairs:

Mayonnaise also acts as a deep conditioner for your hairs. After washing hairs with shampoo, just apply some mayonnaise on the lengths of your hairs. After 10 min you can wash it with cold water. It will surely bring shines into your hairs.

3)    Oil for Shinny & Strong Hairs:

Oil can also play an important role in order to smoothen or soften your rough hairs. Olive oil is very beneficial in this regard.  Gently massage with olive oil into your hair roots. Then wash with shampoo after one hour. You can massage with oil at night time & then you can wash your hairs in the morning.

4)    Homemade Tip for Shinny Hairs:

Take 2 tbs of hair conditioner, 1 tbs of aloe Vera gel and add 1 tbs of honey, mix all ingredients in lukewarm water, now apply it on the lengths of your hair (don’t apply on the rots) cover you head & hairs with towel. Leave it at least for 45 min & then rinse off with lukewarm water without using shampoo. This tip will surely prove beneficial in order to bring shininess into your hairs.

5)    Green Tea Tip:

Do you drink green tea ever? It is also used for bringing shininess into the hairs. You just need to wash your hair with green tea. It will surely help to solve your dandruff problem as well as adds shine into the hairs.

6)    Traditional Amla Tip:

Take almost 1 tbs of amla powder mix it with one lemon juice, add in a cup of water then apply on the roots of your hairs massage gently & leave it for 20 min & then wash with shampoo. Hope it will show better results.

7)    Yogurt Acts as Shiner:

Simple yogurt paste can also add shine into your hairs. Apply on the roots as well as on the lengths of your hairs for almost one an hour before a bath.

Tips for healthy hairs:

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Mostly it is said by the hairs specialist that healthy hairs depend on a balanced diet. It can be defined as when you eat better food with proper quantity then various parts of your body will be healthy. So, try to add those food items into your diet plan which can play a vital role in order to make your hairs healthy such as:

1)    Fish for Healthy Hairs:

Fish is very important for making our hair healthy because it is rich in protein, omega 3,fatty acids, and vitamin D which all improves  our hairs, leads towards hair growth, stop hair loss, hydrate the scalp, prevent hair breakage & leads towards the hair strength plus glowing skin.

2)    Fresh Fruits & Vegetables for Hairs:

All fresh fruits & vegetables such as bananas, carrots, spinach, broccoli etc are plays a vital role into our hair health.

3)    Eggs & Hair Growth:

Eating eggs in breakfast is a good habit because egg as a whole contain on necessary proteins which are necessary for our hairs growth. If you pay attention on the sticker which is pasted on your shampoo bottles then you will come to know that an important ingredient which is used in all shampoos is the biotin. So egg is one which fulfills this requirement because it is an (minerals and vitamins) hair-enhancing mineral.

4)    Dry Fruits for Healthy Hairs:

Walnuts, Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds & lots of other dry fruits are also provides nourishment to hairs. These fruits are basically a blend of protein, omega-3, fatty acids, vitamin E, biotin and copper. These all actually makes your hairs healthy plus protects your hairs from the harmful U-V rays which come from the sun.

5)    Beef & Chicken:

Try to add beef into your diet plan because it can do magic in order to make your hairs shinny, muscle and strong only in some months. Eat it at least once in a week. Similarly, Chicken is also very good for your hairs. You can use it in a number of different dishes. It is basically one of those low fat sources which provide protein. Chicken makes your hair strong and scalp healthy.

6)    Dark Chocolate:

Some ladies like to eat chocolate. Do you know that chocolate also play a very vital role into our hair growth? Mostly the dark chocolate is beneficial because it consists on protein, iron and B-vitamins which all plays vital role in order to make our hairs healthy.

Strongly hope that all these tips will work better. Read some Urdu tip by exploring the pictures. Try!