Benefits of Green Tea:

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You will surely be aware from Green Tea. Yes, the tea that you usually used for drinking. It is a herbal used in tea. It contains on lot of antioxidants. Do, you think ever that this tea possesses really very effective health benefits? Yes, green tea is used to speed up the metabolism, it reduce diabetes, it reduce the risk of cancer, it hydrate not only your body but also your skin very faster than water, it has 0 calories which means no fear of fatness, it helps in burning fat, it acts as a better dental hygiene (gum disease), it makes you feel very relaxing & soothing, it balance sugar level, it is has lots of skin care & health benefits, it boost up immune system, it is also very effective in order to lose weight, it is beneficial for heart, helpful in hair growth & similarly there are lots of other benefits. In short words green tea has lot of advantages for skin, hair, against diseases etc.

Skin Benefits of Green Tea:

If we talk about it benefits from skin point of view then once again there is a long list of benefits. You can drink green tea or you can apply it on skin for getting skin benefits. Some are;

1)    It reduce sun-burnt or sun skin damage & heal blemishes (so don’t forget to apply a green tea formula or cream before going out in sun).
2)    It reduces the chances of skin cancer.
3)    It adds glow on skin.
4)    It is helpful in reducing skin inflammation.
5)    You can use it to treat acne.
6)    It sooths your complexion.
7)    It contains on Vitamin K that is helpful for reducing dark circle & puffiness.
8)    It reduces itching.
9)    It is beneficial for slow down the signs of aging.
10)    It reduces wrinkles by tightening skin.
11)    Reduce swallowing.
12)    Makes skin brighter and flawless.

Home Remedies for Skin with Green Tea:

Green tea is not only used for drinking but also for applying on skin. Yes, green tea has lots of benefits for skin. Let’s discuss how you can use it for applying on skin as well as for drinking.

Drinking Benefits of Green Tea:

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Drink green tea as you can because it provides you lots of benefits (as describes into the first paragraph of this article.

Green Tea Bags Usages:

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Don’t throw the green tea bags into dustbin after usage because these bags can further be used for reducing dark circles as well as for healthy skin. You can rub the green tea bag on all over face for glowing skin. Let the used tea bags to cool down & then use or soak new tea bags in lukewarm water then gently use on skin.

Green Tea for Reducing Acne & Redness:

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Try to wash your face with green tea water. Make tea let it cool down & then wash your face. Green tea contains on catechins (it is an anti-bacterial agent) that is used for reducing redness from skin & for bringing an end of acne that occur due to bacteria.

Steam of Green Tea for Skin:

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Take steam of green tea & slow down the signs of aging. It also help in making your skin brighter and flawless.

Green Tea Toner for Skin:

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Try to mix green tea with rose water & make skin toner. Keep it at cool place use it as toner. It will help in reducing swelling around your eyes and tighten the skin.

Green Tea Face Scrub:

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Try to make a face scrub by mixing green tea with grind sugar & water, apply on face & get better & effective results.

Ice Cubes of Green Tea for Skin:

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Try to freeze fresh green tea into the refrigerator in an ice cube tray & use these ice cubes as a toner on your skin for getting its skin health benefits.