Significance of fair complexion:

From the ancient times femininity has enormous inclination towards far complexion as it is a prominent sign of beauty. Ladies are used different kinds of home and medical remedies to find fair skin. Salons, beauty markets, beauty products and dermatologists are come into existence due to this crave of beauty.

In this busiest life often ladies have mo time to go to salons and take easy and lengthy treatments for skin care. And sometimes expenses are also matter. For such ladies here we are sharing some awesome homemade scrubs and tips which are fantastic for fair glowing skin. These tips are best for shiny white complexion. Let’s explore their producer and benefits.

Orange scrub:

1 homemade skin remedies for fair skin

Take an orange and dry its peal thoroughly. Grind it smoothly, take some quantity of this powder and mix it in milk. Make a smooth paste and apply it at your face. Leave it for 10 to 15 mins and wash your face from cool water. Repeat this formula thrice a week your skin will be soon glowing and fair.


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Lemon is natural ingredient for skin problems. You can apply lemon juice directly at your face it has bleaching quality which diminish the inconsistencies from skin and make it fresh, glowing and fair within some day. Lemon is also used in different ski masks.

Milk for fair skin:

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Milk has infinite qualities for beauty. Apply raw milk at your face and massage it regularly. It will leave excellent result and enhance the fair complexion. Milk is also used with honey, take some honey and milk in same proportion and make a mask. Apply it at skin gently and wash your after dry it. It will leave excellent result.


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Banana is also awesome for instant beauty. Before application of makeup, Take a banana, peal it and make smooth paste of it. Apply it at your skin and wash your face with lukewarm water after 15 to 20 min. amazingly unbelievable result will be in your command.

East fresh diet:

5 homemade skin remedies for fair skin (10)

Fresh diet, use of fruits, sufficient water and veggies are best for fair skin. Just concentrate at your diet you will be find amazing, glowing and fir skin complexion.

Papaya mask:

6 homemade skin remedies for fair skin (6)

Papaya contains papain which helps to exfoliate the skin. Green papaya is awesome for fair skin. Peel a slice of papaya and make a smooth paste of t. apply this paste at your skin and rinse your face after dry it. It will make your skin smooth and fair within some days.

Drink fresh juices:

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Drink fresh juices it will make your inner sound and fresh which expression will be reflect at your complexion. Fresh juices are awesome for good healthy and fair completion. Take most suitable juice regularly and find a fair healthy pink complexion.

Natural products for skin:

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Use natural products as cucumber, honey, egg white and other natural things for attaining a fair complexion. Use different masks of these ingredients. It ill gorgeously enhance the beauty of your complexion.

Turmeric for skin:

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Turmeric is former natural ingredient for skin beauty. It removes all blemishes and flaws from the skin with passage of time. It cleans the skin and helps to attain a fair complexion. Use turmeric masks for or skin beauty.


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Tomato is excellent for fair complexion and fresh skin. You can directly apply tomato at your skin. Use the mask of tomato by mixing it with honey. It will leave an amazing effect at your skin.