As we are all well familiar from the fact that femininity is tremendously conscious regarding its beauty. Relates to the beauty consciousness here we are interested in highlighting very exclusive and significant aspect of the feminine beauty which is related to the facial expression. Certainly it is natural phenomenon that every lady wants to have very impressive facial exterior like supermodels. Most authentic aspect in this regard is the cheekbone beauty which can’t be attain as easy task. Every woman has the cheekbone beauty just like the models. Keeping in mind this fact we are sharing very beneficial and effective makeup techniques for creating model like cheekbone. Most of people like prefer facial surgery for achieving model like cheekbone but makeup technique is best this context.

Makeup practices of having superb model cheekbones

(1): First of all take the foundation lighter ten your skin tone color applies it softly at your cheeks
(2): After application take another foundation 2 shade darker from your skin complexion. Apply it at the area like cheeks, jaw line and near the nose. Highlight the cheekbones and then first blend it with your finger and then blend it with your hands for attaining a natural look.
(3): Make the apples of cheeks and apply blush on in light pink color then draw he outline of the apples of cheeks with darker pink color. At the end apply peachy color blush on the apple of the cheeks. It will amazingly assist you in achieving very impressive exterior of the model like cheek bone.
(4): At the last, take blush on brush and dip it in the matte vanilla eye shade color and start applying it from the middle of the apple which you have made earlier. This will superbly provide you an extraordinary stylish exterior of the super model cheekbones.
(5): Some types of facial exercise can also be effective for achieving ideal cheekbones

By these makeup techniques you can fabulously attain an ideal model like cheekbone which will gracefully mesmeric for impressive beauty of your face

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Gorgeous exterior of ideal supermodel like cheekbones

1 exclusive makeup tips for having beautiful supermodel like cheek bones

Exclusive makeup tips for having supermodel cheekbone impact

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Stylish expression of the elegant beauty highlighting cheekbone for authentic exterior of facial beauty

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