Expressions of eyes brows:

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I think all have an idea about the expression of eyebrows. It has their definite particular expression which adds competence in your look. It is said that face is index of mind and all these things are collectively made the expression of face compact. After knowing this face you must want to know about the expression of your eyebrows. Don’t be obsessive about this thing because you will get all information about the expressions of eyebrows from this post.

I am here to tell about the expression of eyebrows. You can know that what your eyes brow are said about yourself. It is just like an indirect saying about your persona. Whatsoever shape you have it must have an individual and particular expression and you must know that expression. Without any further wait let’s discuss these immaculate expression which are conveyed from your brows and explore your personality by knowing that what your eyebrows are expressed about yourself.

Curvy eyebrows:

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Curvy eyebrows are expression of creativity and intelligence. It shows our positive attitude and reflects that you are able to produce and have some matchless dexterity in your personality.

Straight eyebrows:

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It shows your confident nature. Persons who have straight eyebrows possessed amazing confident and forceful nature. Their aggression and pushy qualities are resembles to masculine power which is harbor in women’s body.

Angled eyebrows:

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It has contradicted expressions of senility and stubborn nature. Females who have angled eyebrows often finds as sensitive and sometime enormously stubborn. Angled eyebrows are also expression of glamorous beauty with amazing sophistication.

Bushy eyebrows:

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Bushy eyebrows are expressed huge sexual force. Its is expression that you have masculine harmonies in your personality and have strong desire for sexual relations. Shabby eyebrows reflect great sexual energy.

Thin eye brows:

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Feminine delicacy is assumed by thin eyebrows. Ladies who have thin eyebrows are gentle, fragile and sensitive. As their eyebrows are thin their attitude and behavior is also light and gentle.

High eyebrows:


High eyebrows

Big dreamers have high eyebrow. It is one of main common expression which is derived from high eyebrows. A person who has high eyebrows has dreamy nature, they have big plan about plans about life and can achieve everything in their dreams.

Low eye brows:

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They are keen observers and have excellent ability to find even minor touches from different things. They observe other compactly but they have not time for others and like to be private. Low eyebrow persons share do not share a lot but share actual and real things.

High and below eyebrows:

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Some ladies have minor difference in their eyebrow. Their high and below eyebrows reflects that they are self controlled and have excellent ability to control themselves. In both genders, it is one of most common expression that person who have high and low eyebrows can control their emotions, feeling, anger and attitude according to the situation.

Bounce tip:

eye brow’s texture has its own expression also. Soft eyes reflect light tendency towards sexual desires while rough and thick eyebrows have shows that person has strong inclination towards sensual desires.