How to Apply Eye Make Up?

Eye Makeup is very necessary especially when ladies & girls want to attend a formal function such as a charity party, a wedding function, business get to gather, birthday or anniversary party etc. For all these events & other festivals you need to do a perfect make over. In makeup eyeshades have great importance. Your eye makeup should never be so boring or dull. Similarly it should not be so bold or over. You should go with an elegant & stunning look.

Today, here, on this page you are going to learn how you can apply eye makeup perfectly & flawlessly. I am going to share step by step tutorial of different styles of eye makeup.

1)    First of all you need to clean your face by using good beauty soap.
2)    Remove the dead skin cells of your face by using a cleanser.
3)    You can apply moisturizer in order to moisturize your skin after washing.
4)    The things that you need for eye makeup are concealer, eye primer, foundation brush, eye shadow kit, eye liner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, eye pencils etc.
5)    First o all you need to apply concealer/foundation & make the uneven parts of your face even.
6)    Then apply eye primer on eyes & around dark circles. Make this area even.
7)    Now, it’s the time to apply eye shades. You can apply eye shades into different shapes & styles. You can get ideas by looking towards the pictures which are shown below.
8)    Keep in mind that always well blend eye makeup looks very nice & graceful. So, blend the eye shades very carefully & flawlessly.
9)    Remove the extra eye shadow by using a brush.
10)    Apply eye liner. You can go with cat style, single wing, double wing & other styles of eye liner that looks nice on your face & eyes.
11)    Mascara makes your eye lashes to look thick. So, don’t forget to use it.
12)    Apply eye brow pencil on your eye brows by following the appropriate shape.
13)    Blush on & lipstick can complete your make up.

Now you can check out the step by step tutorial of eye makeup which are shown below. Get ideas, try at home & let me know with your feedback too!

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