Eyes are the refection of your soul plus it is one of the very sensitive parts of your face, so during make-up you should be careful about the products that you are going to use into your eye-make-up. Furthermore, Eye-make-up has a great significance in order to change your look. Here I am going to discuss some tips of summer eye make up with you. Hope you will like this summer eye-makeup guide based article!

1)    First thing you must keep into your mind before eye-make-up is the season. Yes dear girls there is great difference between eye make-up for winter season & eye make-up for summer season.
2)    In summer season, mostly light colors of eye shades are used. Such as light bronze, light brown, Vanilla, gold or some other light color combos.
3)    If in this summer season you want to attend a party or a wedding ceremony then you can try Smokey eye but not with a wholly blackish eye shadows instead of it you can mix a little of black shade with some other light color.
4)    Some women apply eye cream on the lids of eye before eye makeup but in summer season you should avoid the usage of eye cream because it can melt due to heat & humidity ultimately your eye makeup can remove or become awkward
5)    In this regard I suggest applying an eye primer on your eyes before eye makeup, it will not only help to keep your shadows at the exact place even in the summer season but also make your eye-make-up long lasting.
6)    Pink & nude color eye shadows are also perfect for the summer season
7)    Now comes towards the eye liner application. In summer season always try to use a water proof eye liner rather a liquid liner because it can melt in this season & make your eyes very gauche.  Cat style eye liner shape is very in now days so you can go with this shape or you can try a shape that suit you best.
8)    You can also use eye shadow powder as eye liner. Use a thin brush & draw a thin line with a prominent color of eye shadow in order to highlight your lashes line.
9)    Now comes towards the eye mascara. Again water proof mascara is preferable in the summer season. Try to apply only on the top lashes in order to get a natural look for attending various parties & wedding events.
10)    You should apply only one coat of mascara at your eye lashes. You can go with brownish black color of mascara instead of dark black.

Strongly hope that this article will helps you a lot on the topic of eye make-up in this summer season. For more ideas you can look into the following picture gallery.

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Eye Make Tips for Summer Season

1 light eye make up for summer season

Cat Style Eye Liner Application

2 cat style eye liner

Mascara Application

3 apply mascara only on the upper eye lashes in the summer season

Smokey Eye Make-up Idea for this Summer Season

4 eye make up tips for summer season