Fair Skin “Dream of Every Girl”:

Girls usually need a perfect Barbie like look. Every girl wants a fair, glowing & spotless skin. It is the dream of every girl to get a fair skin tone & for this purpose she is ready to do each & everything.  Mostly expert says that if your inner body system works well & gets necessary vitamin & protein then your skin will surely glow & become healthy.

Need of Latest, Easy & Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair Skin:

Girls & women who have fair skin need beauty tips on skin fairness only to maintain their beauty while on the other hand the women who have darker skin tone usually need beauty tip on fair skin so that they can fulfill their dream.

Some General Points before Using Any Homemade Tip:

So eat good & healthy food, fruits & vegetables, so that you inner body system works well which must externally reflect in the form of your glowing, fair & healthy skin.  Sleep well. Try to use less make-up & remove it before sleeping. Keep you face clean by washing it regularly.

10 Homemade Beauty Tips for Fair Skin:

These tips are presented here hopefully all will work positively

1)    Crushed Potato Easy Homemade Tip for your Fair Skin: Potaro is a type of vegetable that is almost available at every place plus the price of this vegetable is also very less. So now without any kind of tough search you just go the shop buy some potato. For removing all the dust from potato you need to wash these. Now take one medium size of potato, crushed it & then use this on your face. Apply these crushed potatoes on your face for about 20 min. you will observe the positive results only within one week.

2)    Tomato a Natural Homemade Beauty Tip for Fair Skin: Tomato is also available very easily & on very less prices. Take a tomato. Now cut it from the center into two equal pieces. Now hold one piece in left hand & second piece in your right hand. Rub it on your face but very gently & smoothly. Tomato is basically contained on such vitamin that has a bleaching effect on your skin.

3)    For Fair Skin use Turnip & Carrot Beneficial Homemade Paste: Take one medium size turnip & two little carrots. After washing these two accessible vegetables, take some water a medium size pot & now put these vegetables in this water. Boil it for about half an hour. The water must be less so that all water absorbed into these vegetables. Now crushed the boiled turnip & carrots. Apply this mashed vegetables on your face (use it on face when it cool down). Half an hour is the time duration. When the time is over then take a cotton pad, dip it into milk & now wash your face with this pad. You feel the difference. Wash your face with water after 3 hours.

4)    Fair Skin Homemade Beauty Tips & Role of Turmeric: Turmeric is also a skin lightening homemade spice that was used in the ancient time mostly but now in this age of modernism we carrot deny its important in order to make skin fair & fairer.  There are a lot of ways to use turmeric in order to get a fair & glowing skin. But here on this page I am going to descript only two very important & easy ways.
•    First is to use turmeric with lemon. In this case you need almost two & half table spoon of turmeric powder & some drops of lemon (one or two medium size yellow lemons) for the purpose of making a paste. Apply this paste on your face like a mask for about half an hour. Now you can wash it with water only.
•    Second beauty tip for fair skin to use milk & lemon juice along with turmeric powder. Again you need only two & half tabs or three tabs of turmeric powder. Now use milk & lemon in equal quantity for making paste. Time duration for applying this paste on your face is half an hour. Hope strongly that this will work better.

5)    “Ubtan” as a Homemade Beauty Secret for Glowing & Fair Skin: Another beauty tip that was most widely used in the ancient times is the “Ubtan”. Buy pure “Ubtan” from the market & Use on face a well as on other part of body for fair skin.

6)    Tea Water, Rice Flour & Honey Homemade Face Pack for Beautiful Fair Skin: Women need some easy & do-it-yourself homemade beauty tips for Fair Skin. So hurry ladies & use this extremely east tip. The things that are required: 3 tabs of rice flour, half or 1 tabs of honey & tea water for making paste.  Make a paste & apply it on your face like a mask & now you wash out it after 30 min when this mask dries well. It will provide better results.

7)    Papaya as Fair Skin Homemade Beauty Tip: Papaya also use for the purpose of getting a healthy, flawless, spotless, glowing & fair skin. It is also used in mashes form on skin for about half an hour. You can massage your skin by using papaya paste. Sometimes papaya is mixed with fuller’s earth (multani mati). This paste is also applied on the same rule of duration & rinse off when dry. Signs of premature aging, pimples, spots & disorders of skin can be removable with the help of papaya.

8)    Extremely Easy Beauty Tip for Fair Skin: Drink Water.  Water is not only makes your inner system to work well but also makes your skin fair, healthy, glowing & beautiful.

9)    Usage of Sun Protection Foundations: Before step out from your home especially in the summer season don’t forget to apply SPF on your face or other naked parts of your skin by this method you can protect your skin from darkness.  It is usually reapplied after 5 to 6 hours regularly.

10)    Orange Rind & Milk as Homemade Beauty tip for Fair Skin: in the very last another eaxtreme.ly easy homemade beauty tip is for the fair skin is use rind of orange in dried form for making a paste in combination of milk. This paste is applied like a mask on face regularly I mean once in a day. When it dries then rinse off with water.

Hope strongly that these tips will prove very beneficial. For knowing about the elements that are used into these tips you can check out the following pictures.

0 potato beauty tip

1 crushed potatos

2 16 Essential Homemade Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

3 turnip & carrot beauty tip for fair skin

4 Beauty-tip-turnip-and-carrot-mashed-paste-for-fair-skin

5 turmeric paste beauty tip for fair skin

6 Essential Homemade Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

7 ubtan as Homemade Beauty Tips For Fair Skin

8 homemade beaiuty tips Tea water and honey face pack

9 papaya a fair skin homemade beauty secret

10 drinking-water a beauty tip ffor fair skin

11 sunscreen choice beauity tip

12 Orange rind & milk homemade beauty tip for fair skin