How to do Natural Makeup for Getting Fresh Face Look?


If you are one of those ladies who never like bright & bold make up then in this season you should try the light makeup which I am going to share with you in this article. This light makeup looks quite natural & gives your face a fresh look. You can get a no make-up look with little makeup. You may be thinking that I am joking but in actual I am not. No no it’s not a magic. It’s true. With a little bit wisdom & acumen you can do it. The rule of thumb is “to keep your make-up strokes very light & gentle” & get no make-up fresh face look with makeup. Let’s start it. I am going to describe some steps. Follow these steps & look chic yet simple!
1)    First of all, you need to wash your face with a good cleanser.

2)    At second step moisturizer your skin with a good moisturizer.
3)    Before starting your make-up, make sure that your all make brushes such as blush on brush, lipstick brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush are clean. If not then clean these make up brushes by soaking these in warm water, then wash carefully & let air dry. Check your brushes after one month if you use these regularly. If you use on & off then you can wash after two months.

4)    Always try to keep your strokes of eyes makeup, blush on very light, lipstick, face powder etc.

5)    Now, it the time to apply concealer but make sure that you choose a concealer that is close to your natural skin tone.
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6)    Choose a concealer by keeping your skin into mind I mean for dry skin choose a concealer that hydrates your skin while for oily skin choose an oil free concealer.

7)    Apply concealer & fill spots & blemishes (if any). Apply it under eye circle for hiding dark circles.

8)    Blend it well with your skin tone. Make your skin even.

9)    There is no need for foundation when you are doing natural makeup because it looks very heavy. So, avoid it if required then a little bit branded face cream can be used.

10)    After making your skin even you can dust a light strokes of  face powder because it will helps to reduce shine by absorbing extra oil (if exists).

11)    For fresh & no make-up look always go with light eyes make up such as nude shade, lightest peach, lightest pink, lightest brown etc.
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12)    Pay attention towards eyebrows & highlight with eyebrow pencil or mascara. Always keep your eyebrows filled for getting perfect eyes beauty. Use an eyebrow pencil that goes best your natural hair color.

13)    Mascara can be used for getting thicker or longer eyelashes.
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14)    Avoid false eyelashes.

15)    Don’t use liner & if need then avoid eye shades application for natural look. I mean you have to choose one from eye shadow & liner.

16)    If you are using eyeliner instead of eye shadow then don’t use pure black eyeliner because it can ruin your natural look if need then use brown or grey shade liner.

17)    Now add some lively touch on your cheeks by dusting blush-on on the apples of the cheeks. The color of blush-on can be choose very carefully such as light peach, raddish, pinkish, brownish etc.
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18)    It the time to move towards lipstick always use light color lipstick such as nude, pink, light brown etc.
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19)    You can also use lip gloss for getting shinny lips.

20)    Now, you are ready to go.

This make-up look is also perfect for the summer season because it gives a lightest, relaxing & comfortable feeling.