Every person interprets life according to his experiences and his personal point of view. Life is really great mystery or riddle and the whole life of person spend in solving this riddle. People spend their all life in knowing what they are and what they should do. What ever are circumstances, every person want to have a happy and comforted life. It is natural and from accepting some facts of life people can really achieve it. Life has its one rules and certainly demands for some rules to attain a specific purpose. For being comforted enlightenment regarding facts is really essential. Here we are sharing some excellent rules which can help you developing a happy life. These effective rules are highly beneficial in their consequence but little in their practices.

(1): Never let other see that you are hurt by them, it will make you meek and decrease your strong image in eyes of others and especially in eyes of your own self.

(2): Give big place these tow sentences in your life hank you and love you”. It will bring charming changes in you life and smooth the path for developing your relationship with other.

(3): Forgive other so that you can be forgiven. It is universal truth that you will find exact thing in reward to what you are giving others. Tolerance and love brings love and hater brings hatred. Selection is yours

(4): Tell others who you are from your actions not from words and be bond to your words. If you not respect your words, others will also never give them importance.

(5): Give importance yourself in your life. It’s your story and must tell it in specific way which is your own style. Develop good values in your character and try to be true to your self.

(6): Excesses are always harmful even in good. It brings misery and pain. Keep them avoid and spend a balanced life. Never ever be extremists and over confidence it can collapse your life badly.

(7): Never worry about those things which are beyond your capacity and which can never change from by yourself. Always worry such things which are in your control and you can change it by your struggle.

(8): Feel the festivity of true happiness and avoid transient pleasures. Seek clam pleasure which is also peace of mind and try to do little things which can spiritually enlighten you.

(9): Be your own master; never let other to be dominated over you. Avoid the criticism of critics and believe at your self and capabilities.

 (10): Never ever show your physical, mental and spiritual weakness to your rival. It is one main thing to be kept as secret.

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