Tips for Hair Growth:

How to Control Hair Fall?
How to grow hairs faster?

These are the most common questions which always circulate into the minds of ladies & girls. Mostly women as well as men are worried from their hair fall problems. Furthermore, they want a very good hair growth. On this page I am going to tell you how you can stop hair fall. Furthermore, we will discuss some beneficial hair growth tips. These tips not only help you to stop hair fall but also leads towards hair growth. So, Read the article carefully!

Tip 1: Intake of Vitamin C

Try to take vitamin C because its helps in hair growth & it makes your hairs healthy & shinny. It also helps in the mending of tissue. It is most found in strawberries, oranges, lemons, citrus fruits, kale, mangoes, papayas, and their juices, pineapples, broccoli, green peppers, plantains, and peppers etc.

Tip 2: Eat plenty of Vegetable & Fruits

Fresh vegetables & fruits always lead towards the healthy hairs & consequently hair growth. You may thinking what is the relation between eating of vegetables/fruits & hair growth? If yes then the answer is, you must aware from an idiom that is “a healthy body has a healthy mind” similarly when your body is healthy then it means that your body is making blood & your blood is circulating in each & every part of body very accurately. No weakness & Blood circulation both have a great impact on hair growth.

Tip 3: Massage with Oils

For hair growth as well as for hair fall control you can use olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, mustard oil, etc for massage. The part of your head from where you feel hair fall then you can use olive oil with some drops of lemon juice on this part.

Tip 4: Usage of Onion

Onion is also a very important thing which can make your hairs healthy. It also helps in hair growth. For this purpose you just need two or four onions.  Now chop these onions in such a way that you can get the onion juice. Use this juice into scalp of your hairs. After 15 or 20 min you can wash your hairs. Firstly, try t wash hairs only with water. If you feel an odor is coming from your hairs then you can use shampoo.

Tip 5: Trimming Hairs

Regular trimming of hairs is also leads towards the good hair growth. Try to trim your hairs from the end part at least after 3 months.

Tip 6: Mixture of Egg & Yogurt

Another very easy homemade tip for hair growth is the usage of egg & yogurt mixture. Take half cup yogurt & one egg. Now mix these two ingredients together. You can also add some oil in this mixture for better results. Apply this paste on your hairs root. Wash it at least after one hour. Firstly, try to wash with water & then apply your regular shampoo. The usage of this mixture twice in a week will surely show some positive results in hair growth.

Tip 7: Protein for Hair Growth

Protein also plays a vital role in hair growth. For this purpose you should use eggs, chicken, cereals, meat, milk or fish like items.

What you should avoid?

1)    Try to avoid “Stress” because too much stress can results hair loss plus thin hairs. Always try to think positively.
2)    Try to avoid tight hairstyles because it can weaken your hairs.
3)    You should avoid curling, straightening, bleaching, and coloring hairs repeatedly because all these can also play a very key role in order to weaken your hair & leads towards hair loose.
4)    Avoid rubber bands, it is made of rubber & can become sticky in case of high temperature especially in hot season & consequently leads towards the hair loose.
5)    Fifthly & lastly try to avoid highly chemical shampoo.

For more tips you can check out the following picture gallery. In which, you can find some pictures with Urdu tips.


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