0. multani mitti face pack for pimples


Most of the time both girls and boys bear out the problem of acne skin, sometimes due to some hormonal changes the sebum oil produced from the skin pours becomes a reason of pimples and acne scars. I think it’s best to experience the homemade remedies that have no side effects in which of them Multani mitti face packs have immeasurable properties. Multani mitti is basically the clay that is found in Multan that is the famous city of Pakistan. The miraculous clay has numerous advantages for both the skin and hair treatment and if you are suffering from the acne prone skin then today my post is just for you the people.
I was not aware of the benefits of using the Multani mitti face pack but last year my aunt lived in Multan city sent me some pieces of fullers earth as I was bearing the critical condition of pimples those days. I wonder about the anti- inflammatory results using this face pack and today I have decided to make you inform about different face packs mixing other products for extra ordinary and quick results.
Before telling you different face packs I would like to give some key points to treat acne skin on daily basis.
?    Drink a lot of water
?    Avoid junk food
?    Use best quality face wash
?    Don’t keep your hands upon mouth as it contains dangerous germs
?    Balance your diet
?    Use fruits and vegetables more
?    Stop experiencing with harmful products

The points I have mentioned for you will help you in getting rid of the pimples but along with this healthy routine, the use of different face packs are fruitful. Multani mitti has great cleansing effects that clean out the sebum oil and give the skin a refreshing look. Let’s look for the benefits of this natural ingredient best to delight the skin in right way.
?    Helpful for acne prone skin
?    Reduces the sebum oil from skin
?    Remedial for acne scars and blemishes
?    Evens out the dry skin
?    Fair the skin day by day
?    Healer for skin tanning
?    Fights against black and white heads
?    Soothe the skin in a great way

You may take the one table spoon powder of white clay mixed in water but I would submit a list of face packs using natural ingredients in fuller’s earth.

Multani mitti and rose water:

1. multani mitti face pack for pimples

Rose water has great soothing effects for skin and this is called the best natural soother or tonner that you can use to exfoliate skin. While for acne skin mix the rose water in Multani mitti and make thick paste, apply this paste just for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off with cool water when you feel the skin is giving tight effect.

Face pack for oily/acne skin:

2. multani mitti face pack for pimples

To treat the oily or acne skin in the right way the best remedy is to have this miraculous face pack, just using the Aloe Vera gel, some curd and Multani mitti powder, mix them completely and apply the paste for weeks as it takes time to bring the skin on the proper healthy level.

Aloe Vera+ fuller’s earth:

3. multani mitti face pack for pimples

Aloe Vera is healthy nutrient to care for the acne skin or removal of blemishes, so extract some aloe Vera gel and mix it into the white clay powder. Put on the paste to face and let it be dry. After drying this face pack, wash it off with water but to treat the pimples correctly, go on applying for some days and look for beneficial results.

Lemon and Multani mitti face pack:

4. multani mitti face pack for pimples

Squeeze the lemon juice into powder of Multani mitti and put on face to attain the quick results. Lemon is a good anti oxidant that further make the skin complexion glowing when used in any homemade mask.

For dry skin:

5. multani mitti face pack for pimples

I will recommend you first to eat the curd daily in breakfast so that it could make the inner system healthy but when it comes to protect the outer layer of skin greatly, use the curd in Multani mitti if you have dry skin. You may use the milk in place curd too but if you add the almond powder into this mixture, it will quickly make the dry skin soother.

Cucumber and Multani mitti:

6. multani mitti face pack for pimples

To refresh the skin or to treat the stubborn acne skin with pimples use daily the face pack of cucumber and Multani mitti that is useful when you are suffering from sun tanning problem in summer season.

Honey and Multani mitti mask:


7. multani mitti face pack for pimples

To exfoliate the acne prone skin or to treat the oily skin effectively the honey and Multani mitti face mask can help to stop the excess of oil and to close the skin pours that absorb extra dirt and become reason for black heads.

Tomato and fuller’s earth:

8. multani mitti face pack for pimples

However the fullers earth mixed in tomato pulp or juice is very effective but I had used it once by squeezing lemon and the egg white too, to make a thick mixture that is fantastic to deal the pimples, scars, blemishes and sun tan problem.

However these all face packs arte miraculous but for extra tips I would recommend a face mask to girls who want to release their acne skin or to make the skin fairer. You just need:
•    One table spoon Multani mitti
•    Half table spoon Dry milk
•    Some egg white
•    One table spoon basan
•    Some water to mix
Mix out all the ingredients and apply it for 30 minutes, after drying wash the face with cool water and use this mixture for 1-2 months, you will see your complexion with great positive change and also get rid of the pimples.

Additional tip:

Be patience while using these face packs and wait for results but if your skin is still in the same condition then you must contact to skin specialist for further cures.