5 Ideas to make your oily skin even

0. homemade tips for the oily skin girls

On the   human body the face is only such a part which is always remain in front of all people’s eyes  hands and feet are also revealing but  about the face the  people become more conscious especially girls and  in this world all type of skin tone are existed oily skin, normal skin and  dry skin   but it is proved with a research that  many problems are faced by the oily skin persons dry skins  persons also suffer from the itchiness and roughness of their dry skin but the normal skin is best   where there are some   harms of  anything where we can see the benefit  also so I would like to say that oily skin  looks so nice if we maintain it and  use all the require thing .clean your oily skin at least twice time a day  in the winter with the odorless   soap  and in the  summer three to four time is best .here I have some homemade things which can be used  to make your skin  even because in the market there are many scrubs and masks  are available which can   be  destroy our skin so if you have an oily skin then come with us and  try  because natural things have no side effects.
0+ homemade tips for the oily skin girls

1.    First of cleansing of your skin daily because with the dust and grease on your skin that clogs your pores   so if your pores are   clogged  then it can be caused breakout and the pimples on your skin  so  use a good cleanser to wipe out all the dust   and you can use the cleansing milk for your skin it is so natural but if you want to use homemade cleanser then cucumber is good  in the summer  peel off the cucumber and  cut it in to pieces  and message on your face  before going to bed and   after coming back at home  it is compulsory  otherwise  ready to be  pimples and the  acne. In the winter you can use the fresh milk cream without boiling it is best toner to clean your all dirt.

2.    Plenty of water for your healthy skin is good  because only a  water is such a drink which has no side effect  you can drink it as you can rather  try to drink 12 to 14 glass of water in a day and if you  can afford  to drink   too much then it is good for your skin,kidney,stomach and  the  liver  drink water  and avoid  eat junk food  and soft drinks which are harmful for your body   fresh juices are good which  you can make at your home  and oily and spicy things are not good for the proper health.

3.    Lemon juice is a good to clean out your all  spots and the acne pimple  then add some water in the lemon juice and message it on your face  and leave it for dry  when  it become dry then wash your face with glycerin soap   and Luke  warm water. If you don’t want to go with lemon juice then oranges peel are good to make the mask  and the scrub   peel off the orange and keep it in the sunlight when it become dry then grind  with little water and  pour out in the bowl and now add some multani mitti and apply it on your oily  skin  it gives you a fresh look.

4.     Aloe Vera gel is a natural gel which is easily available and with it  you can add the turmeric powder and honey for glowing and even skin   in the night time   dip the aloe Vera in the water and  add some turmeric powder in the  gel  and when you get up in the morning then use this gel on your face with little quantity of honey. Banana pieces can also use with the honey to mash it and apply this mask on your face and repeat this mask in twice a week if you feel itching and  acne problem on your skin then stop to apply the honey  at the place of honey add some milk cream.

5.    Tomato paste is  helpful to make your skin normal and good in the tomato paste add some rose water and  green tree tea and keep it to dissolve  well when it become  dissolve  then apply it on your face   after applying it you should not   do any work egg white with the almond are also best .
1. homemade tips for the oily skin girls 2. homemade tips for the oily skin girls 3. homemade tips for the oily skin girls 4. homemade tips for the oily skin girls 5. homemade tips for the oily skin girls 6. homemade tips for the oily skin girls


oily skin girls and ladies should avoid to heavy makeup but if you do then wash your face before going to sleep and in these masks if you feel any problem and feel itchiness and  then stop to apply and try to use the medicated soap I hope you will like my  article.