Significance of applying kajal

Kajal is like in almost every society and every country for enhancing the superb eye’s beauty. In some countries, kajal is applied as traditional beauty of eyes. Arab and its other related countries are highly conspicuous in this regard.  Certainly kajal is considered as authentic for enhance the eye beauty. Eyes can speak louder then the words. To express the attractive eye beauty, kajal is surely essential which can give a magnetic beauty to your eyes.

General tips for right application of kajal

Here we are interested in sharing highly beneficial tips for enhance the eyes beauty in best possible way. Right application of kajal is authentic for most fabulous expression of eye beauty. While even the slight inconsistency in the application of eye liner can decrease the whole impressive effect and produce a poor expression of diminish not only eye but whole facial beauty.

(1): before the application of kajal, its highly essential hat you have to wash your hand properly
(2): always start from the outside corner of the eyes. And appropriately apply black pencil at waterline.
(3): for 2 creating a thick kajal expression. Use darker shade of black eye pencil or kohl twice or three times at the upper and lower eye lid
(4): for achieving doe eye beauty apply the thick kajal at both lash lines and make a slight “u” at the corner of eye.
(5): winged eyes expression can be achieved by pull the kajal on upper lash line a little higher. It will create the impression of your eye are titled upwards
(6): for enjoy gorgeous beauty of stark eyes, apply the white pencil at the eye lid and cover it with thick and angular line of kajal on both upper and lower lid.
(7): if you are not in mod of applying proper makeup of your eyes and just want to darken your pale eyes. For this you can apply the kajal at just lower lash line and leave the eyelid bare
(8): for creating a formal look, you can apply the kajal at the upper lash line and leave the lower lash line bare. It will create a fabulous impression of casual beauty
(9): if you are applying equally thick line of kajal at the lower and upper lashes it called basic kajal, there is no trick for achieving this eye beauty. You can easily create a basic kajal expression.
(10): For having smoky kajal you need smudged eye makeup, apply kajal at upper lid and rub it with petroleum jelly. It will be desired for creating smoky eye expression.

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