Everybody wants to spend a stylish life because it is the demand of this age and we should move with the society because if we move against the society then people say us odd and strange .Now a day time is changing rapidly mostly young generation is very conscious about their lifestyle .Life style is such a thing which can make you famous among your relatives, friends and neighbours.In the stylish thing stylish dress is not compulsory rather everything like house your personality and your ways of all day routine .Some stylish people only take care about their dressing but leave their home behind it is wrong .We should must make our home stylish .Here we are some ideas to make your life style stylish.

Ideas for spending an ideal life:

First of all for a stylish life you should do some effort because everything which is according tour wish demand some time .First of all make your routine good and taking breakfast with your family at one place if you have dining table then you should et meal there but if you have not dining room then make a separate dining place and decorate with eatables charts and other food related items .It will give you a decent and stylish life.

Make your bed room stylish the things which are not compulsory for your bedroom not keep in the room rather keep in the store and decorate your bedroom according to your wish .Very light color white wash is good for your bedroom because bedroom is such a place where we want to rest . If you are decorating your kid’s room then baby pink and light blue colors are best and additions of cartoon characters are very inn in the fashion.

Where we are talking about the stylish decoration of home where how can the drawing room behind because drawing room is such a place where guest come and sit so decorate your drawing room with precious thing, it’s not compulsory precious things are expensive rather if you are creative then you can make very elegant and precious things for your guest room. Wood stairs and wood floor is in trend now a day you can also use wood for stylish lifestyles.

After decorating the house with stylish things the turn is your personality which is very compulsory because when you go outside no one see your home that how much you live in a stylish style rather your personality is judged through your dressing and speaking .First of all different dresses are for different events if you wear your casual dress on the party and wedding ceremony it is opposite and look like you a rebel and if you wear formal dress at your office then it is ridiculous so select your dress according to the fashion and event.

If you are an office lady then you should wear very decent and sophisticated dress and color because your personality deserve that colors and styles if a college girl wear very dull and light color then it gives very bad effect .Girls should wear bright colors because in bold colors they look so young and alive .With their dresses they should wear high heels in function and if only get together party then wear flat shoes and senior women can put on coat shoes and sandals both because it is on their wish.

Use internet and read   different websites of fashion and stylish life style and read newspaper daily in the morning because it keep you update from the all situations and whatever you think that is compulsory to make your lifestyle stylish. Go out one time in week on a window shopping which will increase your information about styles.

Hand bags which are very compulsory thing for women should be selected very carefully because bags can tell you that how much you are a stylish lady then if you are an job hold lady then black and brown colors are good in hand bags but if you are a college girl then bold and funky colors are perfect for you because it is part of trend and many fashion lovers are adopted this fashion.

When you keep your all things according to the fashion and keep your behavior rude with others then all your fashion is wasted because with fashion you should e something social and friendly with others because we can’t live without one another .You should be exchange your ideas with one another and at every weekend held a group party at your home and go for picnic and dinner in hotels .Enjoy the last week of summer and winter in a stylish way and it is compulsory for your fashionable life.

Tips for noted:

Make your lifestyle fashionable but live in your limits because limitless fashion can make you strange in other eyes and don’t use these tricks which create different problems in your life and don’t waste your much money and time on fashions because it can make you crazy and sometime you have not enough budget then you have to face difficulties.

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