0. best way to clean makeup brushes and sponges

In this modern age the makeup is not used for   enhance the beauty and the for the formal function  rather it is used  for the  part of  their  life  that if we don’t use the  makeup we look incomplete  so the makeup   plays an important role in the lives of  the ladies  in the bag of the ladies   lipstick  and lip gloss  is at least present at every time  because when they go outside they want to look enchanting and the attractive so when do you make up so  you should keep care of these things which are used during the makeup because  it is the matter of your skin and the  face is the  main part of your face  because when someone see  then his first  sight is on your face  and on the face of many ladies  the pimples and the   acnes are caused due to these things which they use  during their makeup but they are full of dust and the  germs so keep your   make up  article  clean and tidy  your sponges and the brushes should be clean and  germs free for your comfort   here I have some ideas which can help you to keep your brushes and  sponges  clean.

•    First of all boil some water in a full heat.
•    When water is boiled correctly then pour it in the plastic pot because it is good for  washing makeup things   when you  pored the water in the plastic jug then keep it  cold something because it can  burn the brushes and the sponges .
•    Now add some detergent in it  but that detergent is  free from the chemical and the  other  dangerous things because when you will use it on your skin it can  be destroy your skin.
•    Baby shampoo is good for washing the brushes and sponges because it is free from the dangerous detergent and then you wash it in  this shampoo  and when you use these brushes on your skin you feel  soft and comfort .
•    Cataphyll cleanser is also good for washing your  brushes and the sponges take some baby  shampoo with the cataphyll and add in the water and dip your all brushes in to  it and dip for the 10 to 20 minutes  then  draw out and  leave it to dry .
•    Lemon is also a god bleach for giving something shine and  stay away the dirt and the germs   because it is natural bleach  take some water and add the lemon juice in to it with the  detergent and make a thick liquid and dip your all brushes and sponges in to it .
•    Wash brushes with the spray  because it is no need to dip in the water  so make a good mixture of  cleaning the brush  and  fill it in the bottle  and when you feel  your brushes and the sponges  become dirty then spray on it.
When you draw out the brushes and the sponges then  open its face and dry it  to use your hand  vinegar is also good choice for wash your brushes and the sponges’ because  vi9negar  wash out your all dirt of brushes and sponges  in the vinegar you can add the detergent or  wash it carefully .
When you have washed all the brushes and the sponges then keep in the fresh air for drying.
Use this way for two time in a week because you have needed it daily and keep the sponge at a safe place because it is use on your  face .
When you  repeat this way in two time then your skin looks fresh and  soft because all dirt of the brushes  is finished.
If you don ,t using these ways then  breakout and the pimples become the reason  and if you are washing your   brushes and the  sponges then  you should do  it massage  with your hands and  then rinse off the all  shampoo.
1. best way to clean makeup brushes and sponges 2. best way to clean makeup brushes and sponges 3. best way to clean makeup brushes and sponges